A timeline of ketoadaptation
This is how ketoadaptation works (when it works), chronologically, on physical performance (I think):

Dark grey line: the gradual increase in performance for someone training on a regular diet.

Red line: performance declines on keto initially, but is back to baseline (light blue line) by week 3.

Light grey line: as long as ketoadaptation doesn’t impair  performance, similar gradual increase in performance for someone  training on a regular diet.  Parallel to the dark grey line.  May even catch up to the dark grey line.  I don’t know, but probably not as per FASTER – long-term LC athletes were not superior to their LF counterparts.

if you’re hell bent on LC + training, gotta compensate by increasing protein… and even then, it doesn’t always work

New study: impact of a 6-week non-energy-restricted ketogenic diet on  physical fitness, body composition, and biochemical parameters in  healthy adults (Urbain et al., 2017)

They increased protein by THIRTY GRAMS per day and it still wasn’t enough to combat keto-induced loss of lean mass :/

they should’ve done some resistance exercise

This study doesn’t really support the light grey line theory, as  performance didn’t quite increase from week 3 to week 6, probably  because they weren’t exercising.  Duh.  (I think).

As mentioned many times, keto is: 1) good for fat loss in obese IR; 2) should be at least neutral on physical performance if combined with high protein and exercise (as per the Elite Ketogenic Gymnasts and FASTER); and 3) not good for muscle gainz.

The elite ketogenic gymnasts increased protein from 84 to TWO HUNDRED GRAMS daily:

They were exercising regularly and barely maintained their muscle  mass… but physical performance was exactly as expected in a month-long  study: back to baseline (supports the grey-line theory).

I’d say we know enough about ketoadaptation to predict how these  studies will pan out.  I’m thinking: combined with high protein and  resistance exercise, the 3-week ketoadaptation grey-line theory.

That said, if you’re skinny and want muscle gainz: carbs > dietary fat.  This is not keto’s strong suit.


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