The Times, They Are a Changin' (New shows, old shows)
Hey gang, Gary here.

I wanted to pop in and update everyone on the status of the new network shows, as well as talk about a couple of changes to existing shows. 

First off, the pilot for Radio Free Midworld is out today, with the next episode coming in two weeks. 

Second, Talk About The Passion (our chronological examination of the music of R.E.M., will start with the new year. We reached that goal quicker than expected, and we want to take the time to get it right. We're both really excited about this one and we think you'll love it.

Third, all good things must come to an end, and includes The Pitch: Uploaded. The Pitch was only brought back as an donation incentive from Duckstream 2015, and we never had any intention of continuing indefinitely. Brayton and I would like to thank everyone for coming on this journey with us. We might do a final wrap up episode, if anyone has questions or prompts, so hit us up on social media!

Fourth, and this is just a reminder, but both Check it Out, Comrade! and Teenage Dirtbags will be going on a brief break with the holidays. We do this every year so we can visit home, get caught up, spend time with our families, etc. The shows aren't going anywhere, but expect a month or so off. Both shows will come roaring back in 2017 with listener dictated episodes from Duckstream 2016. If you donated and get to pick a TDB song or Comrade game, we'll be reaching out to you. 

Fifth, a new Milestone Goal! At $5,500, your host, Cozy Snugglefield, will take you on a synth drenched journey through Heartbeat City. This is a love and relationship advice show patterned after late night radio. People will call and leave a message on our special voicemail line, and Gary (with a guest) will discuss their issue in depth. Expect a pilot before the end of the year featuring Kole "LoveLanguage" Ross. 

Also, the theme song is attached. 

Thank you guys so much for the recent swell in support. We love you so much!


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