Timothy Robert Shreck Sketch
A rendition of another baddie by Specter X supporter, David Rosales. instagram.com/davidrdraws

Meet Timothy Robert Shreck, Lian Karōshi aka Madame Mora's second in command and C.O.O. of Karōshi Industries. If Karōshi is the mind and voice of her organization, Shreck is the face and mouthpiece. The inspiration of this character came from Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda in which Shreck is to Karōshi. He helps put a positive spin on whatever her company does and with his charm and appeal, people listen. Behind closed doors, he's a vicious, murdering, calculating, psychopath and 100% loyal to Madame Mora, loyal to the death. Highly trained, he's Mora top warrior and helps to carry out many of her mission tasks. Their relationship is ambiguous, but as the series will go, you'll find out more about how they originally crossed paths.