Tinker Titan Rebel Spy
Holographic pixels bloom into a shaky, distorted image of a man, Director Donlan Thorn, a minister of Heritage in a formal, grey imperial uniform, before the noise on the signal clears enough for the image to give a firm impression of the man.  A hard, lined face looks out from the holographic recording, a close-cut salt-and-pepper mustache beneath his nose, and a peculiar, non-regulation set of goggles rest on his brow, ready to be tugged down over his eyes, matched by an air-mask hanging loosely around his neck.  He plays with a tumbler of thick, black gooey drink between his gloved hands.

After regarding the holographic recorder for a moment, he speaks in deep, gravelly tones. "As I predicted, the Grist expedition has proved fruitful.  I found what I promised you, but the local insurgency grows increasingly aggressive, and threatens to undermine my... our... discovery.  But when I move against it, your governor fights me at every turn."

He takes a frustrated drink from his tumbler, and then slams it back on his desk, and leans forward, his deep voice lowering to a growling register. "Worse, I suspect a traitor in our midst.  My... our... project is in danger.  I need outside help."

And with that, the holographic recording ends.

The Emperor's Hand himself has hand picked agents to send to Grist, to put down the local insurgency, ferret out the traitor, help Donlan secure his discovery and bring it back to Sovereign, the Imperial Capital.  You are one of those agents.

I've been promising a playtest all year, and I finally sat down and worked out the details.  Tinker Titan Rebel Spy is a playtest for 5 imperial characters.  The purpose of the game is to ensure that I have all the tools that I need to make an Imperial game happen, to make sure you, as players, have everything you need to make a character, and that we can all play well.

As such, this will be slightly more exacting than a typical game.  If you wish to play, I need to know:

  • -Who wants to play
  • -What sort of character you would be interested in playing
  • -What your schedule will be like
  • -Whether you have any experience with telepresent gaming.

We will be playing over the internet, using either Maptool or Roll20 or, if strictly necessary, Fantasy Grounds.  I'd like to test this with a first get together on Saturday, September 16th, at a time to be determined later.  Please note that I am in the Netherlands (Eindhoven) so I am in the Amsterdam/CEST timezone, and my ideal gaming time is between 8 am to 8pm my time.  That's a big window, but a lot of it will be in the middle of night or early morning for the average American.

So, if you'd like to sign up, you need to:

  • -Be prepared to play over the internet (you'll need a microphone at least, a camera is optional)
  • -Be prepared to play on a Saturday during the above noted hours
  • -Be prepared to answer questions about your play experience.
  • -Sign in with a comment on this post, where you state what sort of character you'd like to play
  • -Go to the #Psi-Wars channel of the GURPS discord server here https://discord.gg/vk5GtQy and talk about what sort of character you'd like to play so that people can compare, and just get to know your fellow gamers.

I'm a big believer that players make a game succeed, and players need a good sense of camaraderie, so I need you guys to get to know one another a little bit before really committing.

I will accept any Disciple!  If too many sign up, then we'll break it up into two groups.  If not enough sign up, then I'll open it up to Companions and down the line until I find enough players.

As mentioned above, I want to try to get together on September 16th.  We can discuss in greater detail what sort of characters you want to play then.  I'll shoot for October 21st for the first session.

Character Options

All characters will be imperial characters.  Especially appropriate characters include:

The Commando (there will definitely be combat)

The Diplomat (there will be social interaction and convoluted politics, though your legal immunity won't do much for you)

The Fighter Ace (there will be some space combat; I'm curious to see how he handles outside of space combat)

The Officer (There will be politics, space combat, large scale planetary combat, and the need to carefully plan)

The Security Agent (The game will feature crime, insurgents, and investigation)

The Spy (The game will feature double dealings, traitors and covert investigation)

Rim characters are possible, but will have to play as "Prison Soldiers."  The most applicable characters would be Assassins, Bounty Hunters and Scavengers.

Avoid the mystic.  The Psi-Hunter will have some psionics that he can deal with, but not much.  If someone wants to play a Space Knight, I'm alright with that, but their not the main focus of the playtest.  I'd want at most one space knight, and only to see how he compares with typically imperial characters.

Your characters will have access to Warmain, an Imperial Dreadnought.  If you take a character with Military Rank 6, you may command the Warmain, if you wish.  I want to see if a Psi-Wars game can handle a dreadnought without breaking down.

You will make your characters with minimum interaction from me, not because I think it's a good idea, but I want to see how well the templates work.  I would appreciate it if you wrote down some thoughts as you made your character: what works, what seems unclear, whether you could make the character that you wanted, whether the character that you made fit your expectations or not, etc.  For making your character, use the Heroes Iteration 6 Draft 2 included below.  For things like Martial Arts, Psionic Powers or Cybernetics, use the old Iteration 5 documents.  For your Imperial Character considerations, use http://mailanka.blogspot.nl/2017/04/the-empire-characters-and-retrospective.html

EDIT: I'm going to put a time limit on this. If I don't have 5 players by September 9th, I'll open it up to the next tier of Patrons.  I'll still accept $7+ patrons at that point, but you'll have more competition.

EDIT: I currently have 3 players.  I can take about 2 more.  This has been opened up to $5+

EDIT: TTRS is now open to all players.  I'll make the official announcement shortly.