Tiny adventure dog!
Another update/preview from this Route 66 book I'm writing! Bug has been an excellent travel companion and has absolutely exceeded all my tiny adventure dog expectations. She rides calmly in the car, loves getting muddy in creeks and dusty in the desert and is the best snuggler in the world(albeit often kinda muddy and/or dusty). Having a creature to care for makes me less neurotic, although I honestly don't think I'm all that neurotic, in the grand scheme of things. Lying awake at 4am obsessively reading about the transmission rate of Lyme disease from ticks is a perfectly rational thing to do. Also, I just dug a poophole in the rain, and then had trouble pooping in it because it was very dark. Adventure is good, yeah? Going to visit Leslie in Kansas City today! I'm really looking forward to seeing people who are not strangers, and also a shower.
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