Tiny house update
I've got some news about my largest art project I've taken on to date: My house. I have a build site!! (http://blog.neevita.net/archives/17209) Tiny house fund is up to $5870 with almost $600 donated from friends and family since December of 2012. I've not yet decided how to commemorate donors yet (other than currently being listed at http://blog.neevita.net/donate), but it will be incorporated into the house somehow and involve me learning some new kind of artform I imagine. I keep envisioning personalized tiles of some sort, maybe in the kitchen counter. :) Have about another year to save before building starts, with $ lean couch surfing phase to begin in a few months. The goal is now $11,000 since I will be self building, keeping the original 'purchase' stretch goal of $31337 for things like solar panels and nicer finishes. That means I'm over half way there, and I can start sinking into this for real now that I know I can actually build it someplace! Raaaahhh!
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