Tiny Tim (Erotica Request) - Chapter 2
Tiny Tim, Chapter 2

Written by Toxiqueen of Room 34

This is an erotica piece requested by an anonymous patron. What you are about to read is NSFW and not intended to fall into the hands of anyone under the age of 18. If you're at least 18 years of age, you can join the Room 34 community here at: https://discord.gg/EM6XMwW

TRIGGER WARNING! Elements of incest may be vividly depicted in parts of this series. If you will be triggered or feel that you may be offended or psychologically affected by continuing, we ask that you stop reading and close this page now. Any negative reactions or effects you experience from reading further are entirely your own fault. This is absolutely not for anyone under the age of 18, and any such individuals are NOT the intended target audience in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

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I needed somewhere to be alone so I could settle down and process what just happened, without interference from other people. I grabbed my keys, said hello to Lex, and headed outside to find that he had parked behind my vehicle so I couldn't leave, and now I'd have to engage in actual conversation with him and make up a reason for needing to burn gas, so I began to feel trapped. I decided I would wait in the living room for the bathroom to become freed up so I could shower, when Dad walked in behind me and took a seat in his recliner across from the couch where I was sitting. Before I could say anything, he stopped me and said, "Son, we need to talk."

My heart continued racing after still not having settled down. Did he know something? Did Brooke tell him I was watching trans porn and masturbating to it? Did he know about Aurora sucking my dick? "Son, we need to talk." It echoed in my brain something serious. There's no way Dad would be that calm about it if that's what it was, and we were also right there in the open where others could hear us. A personal talk about something that inappropriate would probably be a little more private. That's what I told myself in consolation as I waited to see where this would go. "Yeah, Dad, what's up," I responded absentmindedly, anxious to see what spurred this on. He looked directly into my eyes and chuckled a bit under his breath, breaking contact. "I just got off the phone with Shane and they're hiring at the doughnut place right next to the gym." Unable to hide my relief, I exhaled loudly. Knowing that this had nothing to do with what just happened with my sisters was a huge weight off my shoulders. Both of my twin brothers were fitness trainers at separate gymnasiums and I was the only man in the house without a job. "I want you to apply over there and make a little money in the meantime. It'll be good for ya. Get some experience out in the real world," he went on to say, awaiting my reply. "Oh yeah, for sure," I said, stammering, still calming down. "Haha, what's the matter with you? Why you so jittery, boy?" he asked as he stood up, laughing. "I was just... waiting to use the bathroom," I said back. "I really gotta go." He chuckled some more and walked out of the room toward the kitchen, telling me I knew where it was. I followed him into the hall and walked toward the bathroom to find that it was finally open. I headed in for a shower without even thinking of taking a change of clothes.

At last, some alone time to try and process everything that just happened. A quick glance in the mirror as I lifted the toilet seat let me know that I really did look just as flustered on the outside if not more. I tried to hold my racing thoughts off enough to get my shoes and clothes off. The front of my boxers were damp with cum and probably Aurora's spit, and everything came back to me when I realized that. Aurora just sucked my dick! Willingly! My own sister ridiculed my small penis and then almost demanded that I bring it to her so she could suck it off. It was so hot to me even though I knew how wrong it was. I sat naked on the toilet and instinctively tried to piss but nothing came out. I seemed to have forgotten that wasn't what I went in there for, and I had just pissed earlier. Letting out a loud sigh, I began to run some shower water. My mother had just showered herself, so it didn't take very long for the water to heat up. I stepped behind the shower curtain and let the water hit the back of my head, which relaxed me a little. It always does. With my eyes closed, I couldn't help but imagine how long the trans porn would be kept a secret from the rest of the family since all of my sisters knew about it. I wondered how it would be received if anyone else found out about Aurora sucking my dick. The feeling was amazing and I almost tried to recapture it as my heart rate gradually dropped back to normal. I mean, my mother dressed like an actual stripper around the house in front of us and that's been since I was a kid. Brooke and Julia have openly stated they only like women, and Dad wasn't too happy about that at the time but they played it off like a joke, so I'm not even sure if he really believes it. Gina has been caught dating like four guys at a time and also selling "massages" on Craigslist, and my parents didn't do much more than tell her she needed to get her shit together. Would they even be upset about this? It's like everyone here had some kind of dirty laundry already anyway. I began to wash under my arms as I let the water hit my face and my chest. After convincing myself I wouldn't be burned alive or something if they knew, I began to feel a huge weight lifted off me.

As soon as that burden began to fade away, I heard a muffled jarring sound coming from the door, and that was when I realized I forgot to lock it. And the second time in like an hour! I couldn't believe I had forgotten to lock the door behind myself a second time. Sure enough, the sound I heard was the doorknob turning and in came Gina. "Tiny Tim!" she sarcastically shouted in a way that was definitely meant to tease me. I poked my head out from the curtain and told her I'd be out in a few minutes and to leave me alone. I'd have to lock the door behind her this time if I expected any privacy at all in this house. "Boy, everybody in the house went to go eat with Shane on break," she said in a sensual voice I've never heard her use before, but I'm sure it had some practice behind it. "It's just me and you and Aurora here for like an hour at least," she went on to say. My mind went crazy again with the possibilities of what was about to happen. Here I was, naked in the shower, and home alone with two of my sisters, one of which just sucked my dick and swallowed my sperm just half an hour or so ago. "Aight, cool," I said without thinking, trying to seem unbothered. "What you mean, aight cool? Turn the water off, I don't wanna get wet," she replied, laughing and adjusting her hair in the mirror. Yep, it was happening. God only knew the full extent of how far this was going to go. "Get out so I can get my clothes on," I half shouted, tired of being walked in on. She responded with, "Rude," laughing it off as she opened the door again. "I'm fucking naked, Gina," I retorted as she walked out, shutting the door behind her. I just knew something was about to go down the minute I left this bathroom. For now, though, I wanted to be sure I locked that door so there would be no more intrusions. Carefully stepping out of the shower and onto the towel on the floor, I planned to do just that, when I realized my clothes were no longer there. Fuck! She took my clothes! Now I would be forced to walk out naked all the way to the bedroom on the other side of the house to get dressed. How many perverted things could happen with me in one day? I had never been so careless with leaving doors unlocked. I'm an idiot. Without even continuing to wash myself, I stopped the water and reached for a towel. As I began to dry myself off, I looked at myself in the mirror again and found myself unable to pull away. The look in my eye that I was giving myself was this unmistakable symbol of a cry for help, as though I knew I would be getting into something amazingly sinful but I wouldn't be strong enough to resist it or prevent it from happening. I knew that my ruination was at hand, however pretentious that probably sounds, and I also knew that I was already on that path. Even if I wanted to stop it, I still had to walk all the way across the house naked, and ALONE with my dick-sucking incest whore of a sister, and another one who was completely fine walking in on my shower and telling me to turn it off so she wouldn't get wet. She couldn't expect to get wet unless she wanted to be with me in the shower, or at least close enough for the water to hit her. This entire day was a trap upon traps. I couldn't stay in here until everyone got back home, because then it would be an entire interrogation on why I didn't have clothes when I got out of the shower. Beginning to feel a certain numbness overtake me, I grabbed the doorknob like my life depended on it and opened the bathroom door.

The whole house was deathly quiet. No TV on, nobody talking, nothing being cooked, no dishes being washed, just silence. My anxiety was peaking through the roof as I began to walk down the hall, hands covering my crotch. I took a few steps into kitchen when Aurora called to me from the living room through the doorway I crossed. "Tim, come in here," she said, with a surprising lack of force. "Can I just go get some clothes on first?" I asked back, to which she quickly responded, "Nope." She made a motion with her legs as though she was ready to come after me if I ignored her and tried to continue to my room. "Ya clothes is in here," Gina said from deeper in the living room, which was when I realized they were both there. When I stepped into the living room, Gina was sitting in Dad's recliner with her hands between her legs and the most intent look on her face, like she was very curious but also a bit uncertain. Aurora broke the silence with, "She wanna suck your dick," laughing as she said it. "Come sit on the couch, in the middle." I was suddenly gripped by the desire to not fight it, an even stronger feeling than when Aurora was sucking my dick in my room. I walked over and sat next to Aurora on the couch and no longer hid my dick with my hands. Gina's eyebrows were raised and her eyes locked onto my dick as it began to get hard. I started to feel a sense of entitlement knowing she apparently wanted to suck my dick and I was sitting there waiting on her to come and suck it. Aurora began to softly stroke my dick as she broke the silence with, "Come on, bitch, you took his clothes and everything, come do it like you said." It felt almost like a dare at this point, or some kind of bet they had going and Gina must have lost. Gina let out some kind of odd squealing sound as she finally got up from the recliner and came to sit on the other side of me on the couch, Aurora still stroking me as my dick throbbed with blood. "It's like four inches hard but it's nice," Aurora continued, giggling smugly. Her face not a foot from mine, Gina looked into my face with the same eyebrow-raised look she had since I walked into the room naked, and she was studying my expression to see if she could read me. I could tell that Aurora was putting her up to this and that her curiosity was seeing it through. "We all know you used to suck dick on Craigslist. This ain't nothing too new," Aurora said, not letting up at all. "Come on, they gonna be back soon," she went on, to add reasoning to the hurry. I felt my heart move up into my throat as I watched Gina hesitantly bend over my lap. She had a sew-in with her hair tied back into a messy bun pony tail thing and it was cute seeing it from the back. My soul was screaming inside that it wasn't right and that we needed to stop, but I found myself wanting it even more than that. I felt Gina's hand replacing Aurora's at the base of my dick, and I watched Aurora pet her head like she was some kind of dog. I didn't care, I was with it. I closed my eyes knowing what was about to happen, and my mind went into overdrive.

My dick head scraped gently against Gina's teeth as I felt her tongue slide along my shaft, and when I felt her lips enclose around my dick, my mind went completely blank as she began with sucking motions into her mouth. "Ohhh, fuck," I said absentmindedly, not sure what else I could say. Aurora's giggling under her breath echoed through my mind as I found myself unable to open my eyes and watch Gina's head move up and down. This was even better than Aurora's mouth, but the fact that I was sitting down rather than standing up with my legs shaking made me feel a lot more at ease. I felt her lips move around on my dick shaft with her tongue rotating around the head, and she even started making moaning sounds as if she was enjoying it. There was no way I'd last long enough to enjoy this as much as I wanted, but none of that really mattered in the moment. As my mind was swimming in blankness, Gina suddenly throated my whole dick as it was pulsing and beating with pleasure. She started sucking harder and I could feel the cum welling up in the head of my dick as I sat there, tense as anything and fighting the nut. The sounds I was making were out of my control, but Aurora seemed to find it amusing enough. My eyes were open and I began watching Gina's head bob up and down on my dick as her lips sucked my dick head vigorously. Aurora had gone from petting Gina on the head to bending over with her to watch her suck on it up close, and just then, Gina released my dick from her lip grip with a loud popping sound as she said, "I feel it, get your nut," without making eye contact with me. At the spur of the moment, with my dick head seconds away from bursting, I couldn't stop myself from whining, "Suck it, Gina, get this nut!" She bent back down and put her lips around my shaft on command without missing a beat, and began slurping the dick furiously. I felt this otherworldly aura take me over as a rush of pleasure came over me, I felt a strange, pleasantly sick feeling all at once, and I shot cum in her mouth unlike any ejaculation I've ever had. She kept sucking at first, but my penis just kept spurting. She let out some kind of muffled yell and got up with her hand underneath her chin, running out of the living room into the kitchen. "You gonna make it?" Aurora asked, laughing as she stroked my dick with it still flowing with cum. I let out several deep breaths as I gasped for the air I must have lost while holding all of that in, and I could hear water running in the kitchen sink with distinct spitting sounds as well. I laughed out loud thinking that at least this sister had the decency to wash her mouth out even if she didn't swallow it. Aurora laughed with me but probably thought I was laughing at Gina going to spit it out. What a whore. Both of them, really. Just then, a car door slammed outside and I just realized I didn't actually see my clothes in the room. Aware of what was going on, Aurora quickly told me they were under the footstool and to get dressed in a hurry. "Oh fuck!" shouted Gina as she ran off to the bathroom. Breathing heavily, I had enough time to get my pants on as there was a jingling of keys at the front door. Aurora went to go and let them in and would probably buy me a bit more time. I got the rest of my clothes on as the door opened and everyone came back in, as evidenced by all of their voices. Then, I noticed a puddle of spit, and probably my seminal fluid, on the couch cushion I was just sitting on.

TO BE CONTINUED (at the discretion of the anonymous patron)