Tiny-TV Jam starts tomorrow!!
Tiny-TV Jam is a gamejam I'm organizing! It's based off one of my previous doodles that was showing off a voxel TV in Pico-8 and you could actually play Pong on the screen of the voxel TV. The jam consists of making a game that fits on the 10x11 screen of the TV!

A base cart with the TV already all done and a bunch of instructions on where to put code will be given at the very start of the jam!

And also the TV will be costumizable and that's what I'm showing off in this GIF with a Strawberry™ TV I made tonight!

Both this TV and the regular one will be given tomorrow at the start of the jam.

The jam will run from January 14 - 00:00 GMT to January 22 - 24:00 GMT. You do need Pico-8 to participate.

All the info for the jam can be read on the announcement thread on the Pico-8 BBS! 

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