TIP OF THE WEEK - Get a Manager or an Agent

Performer : Get a Manager or an Agent

The true secret to getting a manager or an agent is in the form of Networking, Marketing, and Practicing within the chosen field of interest. Building and cultivation those relationships is an establishing point to open doors for opportunity. Next, take a Brand to build awareness which creates interest and ultimately generates sales (or involvement). And finally practice the given skill/craft and the two aforementioned necessities to develop a naturally instinctive ability to be present of your effort at all time.

Often I will state how Networking, Marketing, and Practicing leads to success. There will always be a general fundamental in those three things. That feeling of enlightenment when the realization of a networking circle’s value is revealed. Friends, family, and associates will lead to opportunity. When I first met my acting manager it was through a mutual friend who had already spoke grandly, and truthfully, about me. It was my Brand that allowed him to have something to speak about. Who I was, what I do, how well I do it, and my personality in general.

Once I was in the room it was knowing what my brand is. How it would benefit both parties to a mutual working relationship. Before I walked into that room they were already 30+ years into the business and did not need my help to make any more money. So the old ‘Send me on auditions and I’ll get booked’ mentality was out the window. Instead, I explained how I was making a living doing it already. How my career (Brand) was growing and established. Managers/Agents want to take on an already growing and working client because they know you will actually utilize their help.

Friends lead to doors, brand opens them, and practice keeps you inside!

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