Titans of Mainstream Autism Science Under Oath: Vaccines Cause Autism

If you follow J.B. Handley’s Facebook page, a lot of his new book How to End the Autism Epidemic is going to seem familiar to you. He covers the basics of how vaccine manufacturers were freed of being held liable for their own products in 1986, how adverse reactions to vaccines are anything but rare, how pharmaceutical companies bank on messages of fear and hysteria, and how medicine takes credit for achievements that were actually well documented benefits of clean drinking water, sanitation, and more spacious living conditions. He goes on to explain that herd immunity is a media myth, how the use of DDT was in perfect lockstep with the prevalence of polio, and that contrary to popular belief about vaccine safety, our CDC has only studied one ingredient (mercury) and one vaccine (the MMR) in relation to causing autism. He hammers home the very important point that autism rates have been meticulously tracked in Wisconsin since 1970 and in North Dakota since 1987, before the autism epidemic began, just in case someone wants to argue that we are currently in an epidemic of more awareness. 

The first three chapters are a great introduction for anyone who is new to the fact that not all vaccines are safe or effective and that the rate of autism has exploded. But as someone who has heard all of this, read all of this, and written about all of this before, I was getting concerned that J.B’s book wouldn’t have much to offer parents like me. 

But then I hit Chapter 4, and the fun started. 


I am going to preface this with the explanation that there is no "copyright" to deposition transcripts. This isn't someone's intellectual creation, like a book or an album. And the rule of "work for hire" doesn't apply here, as it does to copyright. If the transcripts aren't entered into evidence, the presiding judge gets to decide if they are public or not. In this case, the transcript was not admitted into evidence, but as soon as the plaintiff received the transcript, she gave it to at least three people (as testified to her in her court motion), and those people gave it to other people, and someone sent it anonymously to JB, which is how it ended up in this book.

About a week after this deposition, the defendant moved to have it sealed, but it was too late. The plaintiff won the motion. This earth shattering deposition would remain unsealed. This plaintiff parent is on the front lines of the right not to vaccinate, and we all owe her a great deal of thanks and support. The decision in her case has been pending for several months now, and she is fighting for her child not to be vaccinated. Since Google has just scanned the deposition portions of the book a few hours ago, I am adding my content back in.


In January of this year, New York Attorney Aaron Siri found himself in the novel situation of being able to depose Dr. Stanley Plotkin. For anyone who knows Paul Offit to be the henchman of the modern vaccine industry, Stanley Plotkin is the Godfather. He is a vaccine inventor, patent holder, spokesperson, consultant, and multimillionaire. He works for all four main vaccine manufacturers and coins the evasive talking points you’ve heard about the safety, efficacy, and necessity of vaccines.

In an effort to set precedent in a family law case, Paul Offit involved himself in a headline-making custody battle between a non-vax mother and a pro-vax father. Together with the brain trust at Voices for Vaccines, they decided to put their highest scientific advisor on the stand as a vaccine expert witness: Dr. Stanley Plotkin.

As with any expert, the opposing lawyers had the chance to depose Dr. Plotkin. A deposition is out-of-court sworn testimony and anything the deposed person says can be used against them later in court, should they contradict themselves on the witness stand. And for eight hours one cold January morning, Aaron Siri put Stanley Plotkin through a meatgrinder. 

Dr. Plotkin was asked to read through package inserts for two brands of hepatitis B vaccine, and confirmed that the infants in the trials were monitored for only four and five days. However, he felt certain that somewhere, undocumented in the insert and unavailable to the public, kindhearted researchers must have monitored these infants for many months more because, he admitted, autoimmune disease does not present itself in five days. 

Dr. Plotkin argued on record that a well-known study which found the DTP vaccine did more harm than good was of no use in the vaccine safety world, because it wasn’t a randomized trial with a control group. I’ll wait while you think that through because there isn’t an infant vaccine in America that had a randomized trial with a control group—we’re constantly told such a study would be unethical. 

My personal favorite admission is when Dr. Plotkin testified that “probably most vaccine reactions” are reported to VAERS, and he was then made to read a study commissioned by HHS that concluded less than 1% of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS.

Stanley Plotkin was forced to admit that over his career he’d tested his vaccines on mentally retarded children, orphans, and babies born to female inmates. He was also cornered into confessing that he’d written a letter to the editor of “Ethics on Human Experimentation” endorsing his practices so that vaccine companies aren’t testing on “fully functioning adults and on children who are potentially contributors to society.”

It’s so much easier to sweep orphans and handicapped children under the rug when they’re injured by vaccines, isn’t it?

Needless to say, the very next morning Dr. Stanley Plotkin withdrew from testifying as an expert witness on vaccines—he no longer felt confident to speak about the safety and necessity of the products that made him a millionaire. 


As fun as that chapter was, it’s not why I’m going to encourage to buy this book, read this book, and share this book with your friends and family. There are two more depositions in J.B’s book that you don’t know about—only a small handful of people know these depositions exist. 

There is a trial date pending, so I am not permitted to name these two doctors at the date I’m writing this review. I am going to call them Expert A and Expert B. Expert A is a world-renowned pediatric neurologist and Expert B is a board-certified pediatrician and expert in mitochondrial disease. Both Expert A and Expert B worked at the most esteemed brain disorder clinic at the most prestigious medical school in the world. 

Up until 2008, Expert A worked for what I would refer to as “the bad guys.” He was a doctor the government would call on to write expert opinions clearing vaccines of any wrongdoing in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. But in 2000, a colleague brought his autistic child to see Expert A at this esteemed clinic, and Expert A concluded that vaccines had caused autism in this child. In 2002, the colleague filed a case in the VICP, along with 5,500 other parents of autistic children. 

Overwhelmed with the cases of autistic children, the VICP wanted to decide all 5,500 claims as a group, with the facts of six “test cases” representing them all. Many parents in the 5,500 opted into this scheme, some did not. The two issues at hand were whether thimerosal was responsible for causing autism, or whether all vaccines together with the MMR caused autism.

Expert A’s colleague’s case had such strong facts that the lawyers chose it as a test case. I’m going to call this the Home Run case. The government reserved the right to settle any test case and remove it from the proceedings without it impacting the other 5,550 cases.

It would be 2007 before Home Run was presented to the VICP.

Expert A wrote an opinion memo in one of the other test cases, which I’ll call the Number Two case, taking his usual position that vaccines did not cause that child’s injuries. However, Expert A also let the VICP know in a memo that for the first time, in the Home Run case, he would be testifying that vaccines did cause autism.

His reasoning: the child in Home Run had an underlying mitochondrial disorder. You might remember from high school biology that the “mighty mitochondria” are responsible for making the molecules that our cells use for energy. Symptoms of mitochondria disease include, but aren’t limited to, seizures, lack of coordination and balance, muscle weakness, fatigue, eye muscle weakness, constipation and diarrhea.

The vaccines that the child in Home Run received caused a fever, which exacerbated the child’s condition, and stimulated the child’s immune system beyond what it could handle, which led to irreversible brain injury. In that case, in his expert opinion, vaccines undoubtedly caused regressive autism. 

Expert A’s “Mitochondrial Memo” read, “Young children who have dysfunctional cellular energy metabolism therefore might be more prone to undergo autistic regression between 18 and 30 months of age if they also have infections or immunizations at the same time.”

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program quickly settled Home Run in 2007 for an 8-figure sum, sealed their decision and the Mitochondrial Memo from public view, and told Expert A to hit the road because his services would never again be needed in court for as long as he shall live.

The public heard nothing about the child in the Home Run case until an attorney leaked the settlement document to a journalist in 2008. 

Then, in early 2009, the court used Expert A’s Number Two case memo as part of their reasoning to dismiss the remaining test cases, along with all 5,500 pending autism cases, without compensation. The court handed down sweeping decisions, rejecting all claims that the combination of thimerosal in vaccines and the MMR resulted in autism. 

The Mitochondrial Memo was hidden from the families and the Number Two memo was used to kick everyone out of court. The message from the judges was loud and clear: vaccines don’t cause autism. 

J.B.’s book brings up a 1998 article Washington Post article where the medical director of the VICP was quoted as saying that a purpose of the VICP is for “the record to show that vaccines are safe.” What better way to show that vaccines are safe than to pay off the damage, seal the records, and throw out 5,500 cases?


But back to the trial at hand. Expert A and Expert B, who are two of the foremost autism experts in the world, are currently planning to testify in a civil medical malpractice case. In their testimony they will say that vaccines can cause regressive autism in children with mitochondrial disease. 

The doctor being sued in this current case vaccinated a child with mitochondrial disease, who was sick and on antibiotics, resulting in regressive autism. If you’re wondering why these parents are able to sue in civil court, it’s because they have already jumped every hurdle in vaccine court. And the outcome of this trial may very well impact all 5,500 autistic children who were kicked out of the compensation program in 2009.

And this is why you need to read J.B.’s new book: for the depositions of Expert A and Expert B.

Expert A, the world-renowned pediatric neurologist, was asked under oath, “Do reputable physicians in your field agree that vaccines cause the type of inflammatory response that can lead to regressive autism?”

He answered, “Yes.” He then went on to explain, “People who work in the field of autism commonly see a relationship between infection, inflammation, and onset of regression.”

“Vaccines are designed to lead to an immune response,” he said, “and that may compound the immune response from an infection.” 

Expert A explained in the deposition that children who have this underlying mitochondrial disorder have ongoing infections and they’re at higher risk of vaccine injury. These children have nonstop infections because they have low energy immune systems. Then if they endure a major immune activation event from several vaccines, inflammation occurs, brain injury happens, and regressive autism sets in.

He said, “Once we have biomarkers for the patients who have susceptibility of regression following immunizations, it will change our approach to treatment of the children, to identify the children who are at risk.” 

Unfortunately, Expert A does not speak to whether he believes the birth dose of Hep B, the 2-month, 4-month, and 6-month vaccines are causing this mitochondrial dysfunction. His focus is on the 12-24 month window where the massive regressions are reported. Expert A wants to figure out a way to pinpoint which toddlers are likely to regress into autism after the recommended 12-18 month vaccines so that he can protect them.

“It will prevent autism in quite a few children,” he said.


Expert B is the board-certified pediatrician who specializes in mitochondrial disease. He testified in his deposition that, in his opinion, 25-40% of autistic children have autism because of mitochondrial dysfunction.

I want to pause here and point out that in 2016, 1 in 36 children aged 3 years to 17 have an autism diagnosis in America. That demographic adds up to 1,730,000 children, not even including autistic children under the age of 3 years or anyone over 18. Right now the front wave victims of this epidemic are almost 30 years old.

The vaccines given to 12-18 month old babies in the CDC schedule can be any combination of: 

· a 4th dose of DTaP

· a 3rd or 4th dose of Hib 

· a 3rd dose of Hep B 

· a 4th dose of pneumococcal 

· a 3rd dose of inactivated polio 

· a 1st dose of Hep A 

· a 1st dose of chicken pox 

· a 1st dose of the measles/mumps/rubella

· an annual flu vaccine

Expert B testified that up to 40% of these children have autism because of mitochondrial disease. They were vaccinated when their cellular function could not produce the energy necessary to withstand such a major immune-activation event as the 12-18 month vaccination schedule. 

40% of 1.7 million means we are talking about nearly 700,000 American children living with mitochondrial dysfunction-based vaccine-induced autism. And they could have been spared their suffering had Expert B been provided a national platform to speak the truth about mitochondrial disease and immune activation back in the year 2000.

You know how often we hear the CDC and AAP claim that too many vaccines can’t overwhelm a child’s immune system? Expert B said the exact opposite about the injured child in the center of the upcoming trial: 

“… there was a sufficient inflammatory event from the vaccinations all together that caused the deterioration. If one gave those vaccines individually over a period of a couple weeks, then it might not have been any event. It’s the summation of the inflammatory response.”

Are you getting how important this testimony is?

When asked the question, “Do you agree with the statement that vaccines do not cause autism?” Expert B replied, “No.”

The lawyer pushed, “Your opinion is contrary to the opinion of the CDC, correct?” And Expert B answered, “It is contrary to their conclusion. It is not contrary to their data.”

See, Expert B is not an anti-vaccine doctor by any stretch of the imagination. He knows all about Dr. William Thompson and the massaged numbers of the 2004 CDC MMR-autism study, and he agrees with the way the CDC framed their conclusions. He thought they needed to do it as a “public health measure” because he believes in protecting the vaccine program. 

He said, “The CDC is clever in how they publish data to avoid public attention that there is an association between vaccines and autism. But it was done for a good reason.”

On one hand, Expert B believes vaccines are important and the program should be protected, and on the other, he would like vaccines to stop causing autism in susceptible children who have mitochondrial disorder. Like, immediately. 


Expert A and Expert B are two of the most well-respected autism scientists in the world. They are scientists of the highest integrity. They are absolute titans in their field. They want to do the right thing, as best they know how.

Unfortunately, neither Expert A nor Expert B is a toxicologist. Their focus is not on aluminum-induced inflammation; they aren’t thinking about the early vaccines in the first six months of life. These specialists are so holed up in their niches that they don’t seem to communicate with others who have discovered incredible things.

The sad result is that there is no holistic approach to the cause or care of autistic children. 

This present case could settle out, and we may never hear from Expert A or Expert B on the witness stand. But if it moves forward, it will change the debate forever: the whole world will hear that vaccines can and do cause autism, and with the publication of J.B.’s book, I guess they just did anyway! 


Buy the book here. Today. In fact, buy it right now. Buy several copies. Give one to your pediatrician. 

And remember: JB didn't write his book for parents like us who live and breathe the latest research. He wrote it to reach the "movable middle" of Americans, to get them to shift over to our side. It's for the people who have read almost nothing about the truth, and this book will be their first taste of it. Let's support him in getting it done because we've only got a week to get this nuclear bomb onto the New York Times bestseller list. 

Are you with me?


Look what Google just scanned

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