TL;DW with noelplum99 A Message to Anti Feminists
TL;DW with noelplum99 A Message to Anti-Feminsts (response to SJW101)

SJW101, the political gamer Message to anti feminists

This video could have been 4 minutes long. I made cliffnotes for those who don't have 30 minutes to hear your actual 4 minute, 2 point response.

1) Tried to make the video 'snappy' and it clocks in at almost 30 mins. ffs!
2) Hey SJW101, don't tell me what tone to take!
3) Had a message about unconscious bias in his feminist message vid. 'I dealt with that already'. min 1:30. Does he stop there? Fuck no!
4) SJW101 vid was unclear - has to criticize him for this. Wft? He had a 3 point message and addressed each group in turn. I followed it just fine and watched a second time thru to make sure I didn't miss anything.
5) Talks about a comment SJW101 left to someone else.
6) Goes into self identification, without defining it. Starts talking about the small number of self identifying atheists in the UK based on recent survey data. Talks about himself. Min 4:38
6) Starts talking about Aron Ra and Thundef00t. Starts talking about the definition of feminism and Christianity. Talks about applying the definition of feminism to things. Tons of weasel words in this section. (Some people would say, a rad fem who says etc.)
7) Starts talking about the 'levels of feminism'. What does it mean to be an anti-feminist. min 8:45
8) Brings up SJW101's definition of anti-feminism. Talks about how great Wikipedia is. He doesn't like this particular definition.
Complains about it for a while. Talks about what he thinks some more.
9) Thinks self identification is the answer. min 11:30
10) Plays SJW101 video on wage gap myth starts talking about Jesus. Plugs his own video. Blah blah blah, makes a lot of unsupported assertions about what 'women want' and then claims he's looking at it from a 'neutral perspective. If only it was from an evidence-based one. Acknowledges the wage gap is a real thing based on stats. Yeah! 17:50.
11) The necessity of feminism vs useful or positive. Socio-political land grab.??? Says people say thing a and other people say thing b
(more weasel words). Brings up Captain Mikul Says goes on about him to get back to talking about self-identification. Women have issues that need to be addressed, should the ideology that frames redressing women's disadvantaged status (feminism) be named as feminism. Um, yes.
When inequalities in women's power or status based on their sex are addressed, that is feminism because that is what feminism was created by thinkers and activists to do back in the 1800s. Is the theory that describes variation in life forms the theory of evolution or is there another theory? No, it would be explained by the theory designed to explain it. Same with feminism.
12) Says everyone rides a gravy train. Starts talking about journalism, Hitchens(?) and The Guardian. (Can't seem to distinguish between monetization and pandering for views, apparently). 26:24
13) Start to talk about himself. A lot. Lectures his viewers. 28:30
14) Comes back to anti feminist thing he said in message to feminism video. Has more advice: talk about subjects instead of people.
A second sensible thing!