TNR | Page 53 INKED
Aight buds, the inked version of page 53 is le finished! A small text change has appeared in panel 4 *GASP!*

As you can see in the sketched version the sentence used to be
"... While you FEAR Death!

It has now magically transformed into
"... But I know you are"

...What? Why? What just happened??

We decided to go with what was actually the ORIGINAL sentence, written in our rough script! Felt like that one had a bit better flow in it, m'yes. Or what do you think? Sometimes the first idea that you have is simply the best *Wise words from a not so wise goat*
The angle of Life's face in panel 4 has also been changed a bit, to make it look more snazzy and to gain a better reading experience \o/

Tomorrow we'll show you stage one in the process of coloring the page.
See you then!
- Jet Da Inked Goat & Jimp the Cutest Shrimp