TNS Foreven News Flash
TNS Foreven - 1104.124 Stebr' (2812 Foreven) The Delgado owned prospecting vessel 'Rockhunter III' was discovered today in a decaying orbit around the sixth world of the system by the Free Trader 'Eazee Living'. The prospecting vessel was badly damaged and all crew were lost. The crew of the 'Eazee Living' boarded the vessel to check for survivors, but were unable to salvage the wreck. Captain Atavo Agumurdali, via commlink to the Stebr' Downport, commented "We're not sure what happened to the "Rockhunter III", aside from the fact she had taken a great deal of weapons damage, mostly particle beams and a nuclear missile. If it was a pirate attack, they're armed to the teeth." Many recent attacks have been directed at ships owned by Delgado, and are regarded as the result of a corporate war. One starport official (speaking on conditions of anonymity) pointed out if that were the case, one would assume similar losses from another corporation in the area. This has not been the case in local systems, however.