To all Patrons, or any of my subscribers that may see this...
I wanted to give you all a little more warning, that it is very likely that this week there will be no video on my channel.

When I have a particularly busy period, or if these are issues finding a quiet time to record, with equipment or the quality of the video afterwards, I don't have always have the chance to make videos in advance. When this happens, I usually film the following week's video sometime between the weekend before, and even up to the day of posting, if it's particularly difficult.

This weekend, while spending a day rock climbing outdoors at a 150ft gorge, I witnessed just meters from me, a very graphic and disturbing accident. I won't go into too much detail, both out of respect for everyone involved, and because I've discussed it at length already and it has worn away at me a little. This event has been replaying in my mind since and has affected me a lot, and I have not had a chance to film since it happened. I am still hoping that I have the means to gather myself to record a video by the time one is expected to be posted, as I'm trying to push myself to come to terms with what I have seen, and get on with life, but it has been hard.

I fully enjoy making these videos, and it would probably actually be very calming, and a lovely distraction, to create a video that could be of any help - especially with the nights since the incident being particularly hard - I have relearned the necessity of ASMR, and how helpful it can be. Hopefully there will be a video still this week, but if not, I wanted to give you all a more thorough explanation as to why there isn't.

Thank you for all for understanding, as I know you will, and take care, all of you

Georgina / Clockwork

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