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To Apollon of the Blood Bank
Apollon Akesios

Apollon who heals

accept please my offering

of blood from my veins.

Apollon Epikourios

Apollon who succors

grant please my prayer

that the one who receives

this unit of blood

be swiftly healed

of their injury

or their illness

and that they take

no further harm.

Apollon Oulios

Apollon who heals

grant please my prayer

that the blood bank nurses

stay safe and healthy

and good at their jobs,

that they stay

gentle with the needle

and attentive to the donors

so that no one

comes to harm

under their care.

Apollon Alexikakos

Apollon who defends against harm

grant please my prayer

that I recover swiftly

and stay in good health

that in eight weeks

I may safely

offer this again.

I thank you.

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