To bring hope to the World I am introducing the first phase of my Magnus Opus Art Project "The United States of Love"!

I am writing today to share with you the launching of the first phase for "The United States of Love". This Art movement encompasses a series of community builders initiatives and you are invited to experience the love.

I'm excited about the moment for this introduction just on time to celebrate the first birthday of my "Divine Crone Era". 

I'm ready! For the C0-Creation of this new Magnus art-love experience.

Please help me to accomplish our first  challenge of raising  $11,000 by December 4th 2017 so we can share with you and the world the amazing content we have been working on for the Launching of "The United States of LOVE”. Check out the fabulous Art we have in exchange for your support. 

The funds are going to manifest the following Wish-List: 

1. A living/studio 

2. A team of 3 badass editors

3. Another team of 2 savvy Social Media marketing ninjas

4. 2 Apple Laptops

5. 1 Personal Assistance 

6. 2 copy writters 

7. Travel expenses

8. Team of graphic designers 

Become  Patreon of  "The United States of Love" it is very quick and easy! (top right button. We are building a high vibrational LOVE commUnity.

Love, Chía