To Catch a Worgen - A Druids Prequel Comic
Starting this year I'm going to be working on a prequel comic which is a bit more adult in nature about how Amo and Shai met.  The GOAL is to get one page done a month, but I will aim to get more done as I have time.  It will be more ... sexual ... in nature versus the long running Druids Comic. 

There are two ways to get this comic.  

1) Sign up for the 'High Tier Reward' (The 15 USD Tier) on the Druids Patreon Page.  The high tier will give you access to as many pages as I release.


2) Sign up for the reward tier on the Druids - To Catch a Worgen Patreon Page.  This will charge based on page creation. 

Since I can't really effectively merge the two page for stretch goals, I've decided to have the Amo met Shai Patreon stand on it's own and not merge the goals.  It's a bit unfair, I know, but it'll be weird to manage.  

Anyhoo, thanks for your support and let me know if you have any questions.  

Important Note on Distribution:  Since I'm doing two Patreons that bill differently and one is essentially a subscription model, I'm not going to be releasing the comics until February 3rd.  So for those 'High Tier' supports, if you pledge in January, you'll be billed at the beginning of February and will have access to all Amo and Shai comics that are released in February.  I hope that makes sense.

For those who pick the 'charge on release', you'll just be charged before I send out the email.