To A Dear Friend
To my beautifulsq

My dear Mon Amie,

Because when we first talked,
It was as clear as the sky,
The impression you left:
And the more we talked,
The more we shared,
It suddenly came to my mind,
Whom you're most like.

The one and only,
A character we both,
Have learned to love,
And over one we bonded,
A unique individual,
That every time I see,
You know of whom I'll think.

Regina Mills
— yes, that's the one.

You don't need to have magic,
You aren't even evil...
Never once did I feel scared,
Not even terrorized or terrified.

Oh no,
What you have in common,
With this peculiar character,
Is the 'momness' you clearly
— Presented, oozed?
To me during our talks.

I don't think I ever asked,
If you were one,
But it's the warm,
Soft fuzzy feeling,
That I get from my own,
That I feel at the edge of your messages...

The tender softness,
The cotton-candy texture,
The way if I could hug you,
I'd burrow my face on your stomach,
Curl my body close to yours,
And I'm sure you'd hum me a song.

but not proud.

but not overbearing.

Careful with your words and wording,
Indulging me late at night.

You're like a dream come true,
A woman I would love to meet,
A woman I aspire to be.

Mon Amie,
My cherished:
Ma Chérie...

You mean,
The world to me.