To Do List - December

Each month I try to focus on one major project, with the aim that at the end of the month I'll wrap up the project into a product of some kind that will be available on or as an exclusive Patreon supporters only item.

To help give me a little guidance, I have decided to try out an new initiative and start putting out a poll each month to give studio supporters the chance to guide production towards projects that you are intrested in.

Thus starting today, and each month, I'll be posting a To Do List poll that will give you the change to guide my future projects. The project with the most votes, will be my focus for the coming month.

Comic Art (draw Kitsune characters)

Make some Virtual Tabletop Tokens (2nd Generation Style)

Make some Virtual Tabletop Tokens (3rd Generation Style)

Create a Map Tiles Pack

Create a d20SRD Compass Point Adventure Module

Create a Pathfinder 2nd Ed Map Pin Adventure Module

Work on the Great Quest Adventure Chain (the Cube World Guide)

Create elements for the Mini-Terrain System (3D Printing)

4 votes total

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