Yes, it's a "to do" WALL, not a "to do list."  This is how I keep track of all the projects and steps of projects that are priorities for me as a full time freelancer.  Each Post-It is an action step.  Currently, AER HEAD is the green portion of the wall!

There's a lot that could be said about my process of the "to do wall," and I go into it in more depth in my Business Basics for Freelancers class (stay tuned to for the next class).  In a nutshell, I've revved up my productivity by dividing my day into chunks and protecting the time chunks.  When I was working as a part-time comics teacher, I kept everything on a digital calendar, but since working from home I've found this analog system helped way better in terms of prioritizing.

As far as Aer Head goes, I'm glad to be currently working on it during the hours between lunch and dinner - my peak "awake" hours!  It's super important on Patreon to post regularly, and so far I've been able to do that by always keeping a "post" action for Tues & Thurs time slots.  Other actions include steps in my writing, drawing, & coloring projects, to Patreon stuff like researching certain "best practices" topics to contacting more people who may be interested in my work.

I've realized that in the past, I just wasn't going about AER HEAD in an organized way at all.  I'd always make it my New Year's Resolution to finally make AER HEAD #1 but I had no concrete plan of how to do so.  It wasn't that I was disorganized in my life before, just not organized in the right way to accomplish a long-term project that is self-motivated.  I feel that now is a time in my life when many forces have come together in order for me to finally make decent headway on AER HEAD, especially about how I've grown in productivity knowledge and practices!