To everyone pledging $5+
Guys, I gotta address this, because it might get to be a problem. And I'm making this public so any passers by might see this as well. I want to make this common knowledge.

A few videos ago, I stopped sending out messages asking people what links of theirs they'd like in the description. Sod all of you got back to me.

This became problematic to me when seeing the feedback someone left when they cancelled their pledge.

"He didn't provide rewards as promised."

So, by my understanding, this person didn't even bother to check they had a message (Or better still, completely ignored it, seeing as Patreon emails you when someone sends you something on here), then blamed me for not having any links to put in the description? Wow. Just... Wow. I was not happy at that kind of stupidity.

Guys & gals, allow me to make this very simple; If you don't reply/give me links, I can't show anything in the description outside of your username. Yes I could just remove that reward & stick with the downloading of Narrative Reel, but then it just doesn't feel quite as substantial for some reason.

Just remember to leave links, either in this post or through a PM on here. I really don't like being able to keep promises, but it's another matter when people don't even meet me halfway.

Thank you in advance.

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