To fog or not to fog?
Normally I review maps with the edge fog switched on. This is a personal preference for me as I hate seeing the edge of the world. And of course, I switch this off as and when I feel the review needs it.

But I can see the argument against this. Having the fog off helps see the map as a whole more clearly. However, having the fog on clearly shows the viewer how close to the edge of the map we are and whether they'd be using this part of the map anyway.

So the question is; should I carry on as I am now, or should I switch the fog off permanently.

This poll will be open to all viewers of What Map, not just Patrons.

Closing Date - Friday 20th at 23:59 (UK time)

Switch the fog off


Continue with the fog as it is now

Poll ended Apr 20, 2018
29 votes total