To The Future
Question of the Week: What are YOU looking forward to?

My mug o' th'day  points to my answer. I'm going to Korea!

My BFF moved to South Korea to teach English, and I'm going to visit her in July. We have an ongoing joke that she's going to meet and marry a Korean with the surname Kim, and then she can be Kim-Kim. (Hence the name on the mug.)

I bought this BFF mug set on Etsy--the other one has "me" on it, and they say "No distance is too great between best friends."

Last year was the first time I ever traveled overseas, and it's crazy to think I'll be doing it again so soon. But when we flew to London, they messed up our flight and gave us a voucher to make up for it. I turned that voucher into a flight to South Korea.

When it comes to comics, I'm looking forward to returning to The Dreamer full-time. Being part of Team Wynonna has been amazing. But I miss The Dreamer and it has been far too long between volumes.

I've made the commitment after Wynonna not to take on another project until The Dreamer is finished.

I'm starting Wynonna Earp Issue #6 today which means just a few more weeks until I'm back to Bea & Alan! Countdown to Culper issue #3 has the best ending yet, and I cannot wait to draw it.

So I have to ask: What are YOU looking forward to?