To Kickstart? Or not to Kickstart?
Okay guys, I've been wanting to kickstart Sorcerer Courtship  to get it colored and printed for . . . ages. I was originally planning on launching February 1st and have it go for the month. But, I'm pretty busy and stressed out right now. I'm trying to decide if it's worth the stress of getting the kickstarter done. 

So, what do you guys think? Is Sorcerer Courtship worth funding to get finished and printed?  Once it's funded, I'll start coloring it which may take several months. And printed copies will go out in the late fall. It's another thing to add to my list of to-dos, but I really just want to finally finish it. It's been "In progress" for three years now. 

Opinions would be grately appreciated! It'll help me gauge what people's interest is in the project. 

Yes! Kickstart Sorcerer Courtship in February!

Yes. But wait until a later time.

No. Sorcerer Courtship is great as an online comic only.

6 votes total
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