To my one Patron!
First I so appreciate your donations. You might not think its a lot but to me it means somebody cares about what I do. That's so so cool.

You probably noticed the stream is down. I tried to do some spring cleaning and upgrades on the Raspberry Pi I use. It's been years since I did much of anything with it. The little guy has been chugging along without causing us much trouble so I never had a reason to monkey around with it.

Until today. Dun dun DUN...

I've been working on some other projects and my brain landed on the stream Pi at some point. I thought it might be a good idea to upgrade firmware and uninstall the extra programs that I never ever use. Just general stuff. Everything looked great until I rebooted to make sure I didn't screw anything up. I mean how could I? I didn't really change anything!

I could. Libraries were deleted and the sound input was toast. I tried reinstalling what was missing but it's been so long since the original OS install tons of stuff was outdated. Old caused conflict with new and it became a mess.

What's worse is the Raspberry Pi I have is a first generation with a single core processor and 256 Meg's of RAM. While those specs aren't bad when everything is up and running it's painful to get things up and running. It's an hours long affair. If I screw something up I have to start over. Usually I like goofing around with projects like this but after a while it's a drag.

I'll probably be able to get a start on getting the system up and running tonight. If you know of anyone that can set up a donation give them a nudge. A new Pi would be great to get but pretty much unaffordable out of pocket for me. I'm having a spinal cord stimulator implanted in the next couple months and I need to save as much as possible. Hobbies have to get cranked down to just about nothing.

Thanks for your time and support.