To players of Hero Fighter / 致英雄大作戰的玩家

<< Letter to players of Hero Fighter (HF) >>

I haven't left a message here for a long time. Thank you for your continued support of this game for years. Thank you very much to the administrators of the Hero Fighter facebook group. They have been managing for more than 10 years without asking for anything in return. Special thanks to Chris, David G, David Piper (Red), John, Travis (names are in alphabetical order).

Since I announced the making of the LF2 remastered version, every day I received messages from Hero Fighter (HF) players asking me when I will continue to make HF... HF, after all, is the hard work I spent 7 years of sweat and blood to create. I want to continue to complete Hero Fighter more than anyone else. However, I have limited time, manpower and resources. Apart from working on my day job, I can only use my spare time and weekends to do LF2 remastered, so I cannot continue to develop HF for now.

You may have questions, why did I choose to do LF2 remastered instead of completing HF first? There are 3 reasons:

  1. Compared with HF, the structure of LF2 is simpler and it has no storyline, so rewriting LF2 will be much faster than rewriting HF.
  2. This is the first time I use Unity and publish a game to Steam. If I use LF2 as my first attempt, I believe it will encounter fewer difficulties and is suitable for starting.
  3. LF2 is more popular than HF, and there is a greater chance of receiving enough financial support for running LF2, or even support me in developing my next game (probably HF).

That's why this decision was made. I understand some of your disappointment. I want to develop LF2 on Steam first, then I can have more experience and funds to continue HF. As for HF, I actually have the storyline in my head, but I couldn't develop it at the same time because of my limited energy.

I am very grateful for your support and hope that everyone will also support the LF2 remastered version and continue to pay attention to the future plan of HF.

Please feel free to leave messages in the Hero Fighter's Facebook group. Your support, encouragement and opinions will become the driving force for my creation and let me continue to making fun fighting games for everyone. Thank you!


<< 致英雄大作戰 Hero Fighter (HF) 玩家朋友的信 >>

許久沒有在這裡留言,多謝你們多年來對我一直不離不棄,支持這個遊戲。非常感謝HF facebook群組的管理員,他們不問回報,持續管理了10多年,在此特別鳴謝 Chris, David G, David Piper (Red), John, Travis (人名按字母順序).

自從我公佈會做 LF2 remastered 版後,每天都收到 Hero Fighter (HF) 玩家問我何時會繼續做 HF... HF 畢竟是我花了7年時間創作的心血,我比任何人都想繼續做 HF;可惜我時間﹑人手及資源有限,平日除了上班,也只能用工餘的時間及週末做 LF2 remastered,所以暫時未能繼續開發 HF。

你們可能會有疑問,為何會選擇做 LF2 remastered 而不先完成 HF?當中有3個原因:

  1. LF2 的結構與 HF相比,較為簡單亦沒有故事情節,所以我預計重寫 LF2 比重寫 HF 快很多。
  2. 我是第一次使用 Unity 和發佈遊戲到 Steam,如用 LF2 作為首次嘗試相信遇到的困難會較少,適合起步。
  3. LF2 比 HF 較為人所熟悉,較大機會能收到支持營運遊戲,甚至能支持我開發下一個遊戲 (很可能就是HF)。

因此才做出這個決定,希望你們不要失望。我想藉着在Steam先開發LF2, 之後能更有經驗及資金去繼續 HF。而 HF 我其實已想好了後續故事情節,只因能力有限而未能同時開發。

我非常感激你們的支持,希望大家也會支持LF2 remastered 版,及繼續關注HF的動向。

歡迎大家繼續到 Hero Fighter 的 Facebook group 留言,有你們的支持﹑鼓勵及意見,能成為我創作的動力,讓我繼續創作更好玩的格鬥遊戲給大家。謝謝!