To Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Didn't get near to the amount of work I was hoping to get done today. When I left this morning plan was go to LarpCraft event, work on finishing my cloak, have fun, relax, come home to the audio for Age of Creation, work on timing, watch next MLP episode, sleep, and somewhere in there toss eating.

Today went more like this:

Wake up after almost no sleep, wait at campus for 2 hours, at 2nd hour have 1 of the students show, go home, get final yup on getting audio tonight and go over what is needed (again), end up with visitors, set up tent to try to de-mildew, stage things around tent cause why not, everyone gets into garb cause why not have a practice as well, I cook, end up with mini feast, take many pictures and videos, have good time, relax, they leave, put up staging, learn I will not be getting the audio files tonight, watch new episode of MLP, clean a little, and now I might end up gaming.

I am terrified to touch AoC right now, and have been for the past few weeks (hence the S&SM explosion) cause if the timing is wrong right now is when I can go in and fix things, if I had the Kirin and Shi-yu all done on each step of way then if I had to go in and add/erase almost any bit of it, well, I'd go insane.

Really looking forward to one day getting Toon Boom and being able to animate quickly and efficiently. Can't do that without help though. 

So here's to plans going awry, to learning things, and to having fun with friends. (Glass painted by me based off of Venitian Beakers from 15th Century, Model is my ever so wonderful Boyfriend, Mudoch McArthur KSCA)