To Write Love on His Arms
Posted on December 21, 2017 by Amy James    
“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.” – Ernest Hemingway

This post is dedicated to someone who left this world before his  time, thinking things that weren’t true, and probably some that were  true… if I could have helped you, I would have.

To the family members of those struggling with depression and  psychosis, do not take for granted what you have in the love from  another. Do not abuse other people, and do not assume you know what is  best for someone else. If you love somebody, show it. If they mistreat  you, walk away. If you find true love, do everything to keep it. If you  feel rejected, there is going to be someone out there who will accept  you. Find that person.

“It is better to love so intensely that you lose yourself
Than to hate softly and lose each other”

What was the point in psychiatry damaging and dulling the mind of this person to the point that he killed himself?

To the family of this individual, you can try and blame other people  for the loss of your loved one, but in the end it’s you (believers in  medication / members of the psychiatric community) who are wrong. It is  you who kill people, when you damage their brains and bodies  irreversibly with mind altering drugs. Your drugs are not helpful, and  they do not correct fake chemical imbalances. Do a tiny amount of  research and face the truth. People need support and care, love and  understanding. Once you start down the false road of belief that your  loved one is mentally ill, there is no turning back. You will become  their greatest enemy and perhaps even be the instrument of their  undoing.

If you really want to help your family, drugs are not the answer. To  prove this, please spend some time on this blog and read each post in  descending order. Or go back to the beginning and read chronologically.  Or perhaps, get on the web and type in “package insert for ___” and look  up the side effects to the drugs you are putting your loved one on.

Psychiatry looks at your loved one as an object, a pile of neurons  that they think they can balance with pills. They do not consider the  fact that they are very wrong, or look at the evidence to the contrary.  It’s only about piling on enough pills to get a submissive patient.  Enough to get the person into compliance so that they’ll be let go with  new “medication” – that is, drugs. Once that person leaves the psych  unit, they are on their own. No pill can fix a broken heart.

Belief in psychiatry is shrouded in egotism, willful ignorance and a  refusal to consider being wrong. Belief in psychiatry is the beginning  of a surrender of one’s life to people who have your worst interest in  mind. If you encounter the 99% of psychiatrists who think pills are your  only answer, you’re on the wrong path.

Like lemurs running to the edge of a cliff, modern society has lept  full force into a cult of belief in “science” run by folks who only want  to profit off of your demise. There is no “anti” in antipsychotic –  those are pro-psychotics. There is no “anti” in antidepressants – those  cause depression and psychosis. The only thing psychiatry has achieved  is to damage the brain and disable the body, to cause seizure activity  and to sedate. These effects result in violence and suicide, genetic  damage, birth defects, abortions and infant deaths.

Living life sedated by mind altering drugs is not a substitute for counseling, in fact it is a detriment to healing.

In memory of my friend. Gone, but never forgotten.