I thought you might like knowing what my day consisted of so here's a rough outline:

8:15 Alarm went off on my phone. I was sleeping on the couch because the night before I'd painted my room "lime kiss" and I was avoiding the fumes.  I hit snooze twice and finally woke up to my daughters arguing with each other about being late to school. 

Somewhere before 9:30 I ate Honeynut Cheerios, forced myself to shower and scrub off paint on my hands and in my hair, went over script notes from Matthew, and found my keys. 

10:30 Met Matt at my office, put on make-up and microphone, performed a script where I answered questions like "What's post-coital dysphoria?" and "How does height affect menstruation?" Matt and I bantered about singular they, bleaching my hair, and SourceFed. 

12:20 I went late to my dance fitness class but didn't care because it was totally worth it. My friend Heidi was there so I invited her to lunch at Noodle Express next door. 

1:40 I rushed to Costco to get my friends a housewarming present - a garbage disposal - and made it back to my house with just enough time to put on professional clothes and meet a client. 

2:30 Client session. Very powerful client session. We talked about anorgasmia and masturbation. I showed her my plan for eventual orgasmia in her life and we scheduled another appointment for next week. 

4:00 Ate leftover spaghetti and wrote a card to go with the garbage disposal. 

5:00 Finished painting my daughter's room and sent lots of emails. 

7:00 Went to a support group meeting. Ate a brownie. 

9:00 Now I'm writing to you. 

I hope that your day was also a mixture of work, play, and errands. I hope that you enjoyed what you ate and had time with friends. If not, there's always tomorrow. 

Thanks for making my day more meaningful!