Today is the day!

Today I am officially launching my Patreon!

First, a giant thank you to everyone who subscribed during my experimental fiddly phase! You guys single handedly blew through my first stretch goal in less than a month, and I have an special exclusive super secret gift coming soon for the five of you for being the most amazing supporters in the entire world. <3

Because today is announcement/launch day, I really want to create a cohesive gift post, so you can get a taste of what reward entries are like for a monthly subscriber. 

  • $3 tiers and above receive insight posts (such as this, without the attachments)
  • $5 tiers and above receive process videos (when applicable) and SOME full resolution downloads 
  • $20 tiers and above receive layered .psd files, and full resolution downloads of all entries (when applicable)

The original .PSD file is also attached to this post, so you can dissect for yourself some of my process, and see what you would be getting for generally your highest digital tier. There is no process video, and as this is a .gif made for the web, there is no full res download either, but typically these attachments are posted in a separate tier-exclusive entry.

Now for the fun (public!) development post about this little animation...

Before talking about it's evolution, lets establish its purpose:

  • capturing a visitors attention and intrigue
  • replacing an overwhelming wall of introductory text
  • ...while still communicating who I was and what I do
  • reflecting the authentic me
  • making a good first impression.
  • has to be legible on both desktop and mobile (I think i'm still struggling with that part a little bit)
  • multi-use image that could be posted to all platforms for cross promotion

This little info graphic went through a lot of changes during the past month. It started as a cartoony self portrait I had planned out for a future comic:


I added a glass of wine... probably because I wanted one (initially it was #roseallday, until I realized the color would just look better as red wine), and then thought it would be really cute to include Trinket. 

He's recently taken to sitting at my feet every time I am standing and pawing at my legs until I pay attention to him. This usually ends in him jumping up into my arms - but I am not that talented of an animator yet - and I really wanted it to be a short infinite loop.

The initial animation was atrocious:

It was unnatural and too repetitive (looks like one of those chameleon tongue looking party favors you blow into), and because was noticeably bad, it brought all the jarring unpleasant focus to that one area. I decided to scrap the whole thing and restart with a guideline for more natural movement:

This helped me keep the tail a relatively consistent length and kept a natural and realistic movement to it, I also didn't repeat and reverse the same few cells (the damning mistake in the prototype). With the animation at a point I was happy with, I started playing with the descriptive text.

My first plan as to have a few handwritten sentences about myself and trinket, with little notes about specific image elements and arrows pointing to them:

...but this looked rather messy and never made it past the rough sketch phase. partially because it is REALLY time consuming for me to write legibly by hand and my consistency is about the level of poop at it when I'm using a tablet. 

I decided instead to go with hand drawn script headers and  "chalkduster regular" typeface for the descriptive text elements (it's playful and matches my cartooning pretty well)


Unfortunately I once again butted my head against the giant wall of text I was trying to hard to avoid:


...but eventually settled on just making every element an excessively long bulleted list and praying that people wouldn't find it too impersonal :\


When I showed my friends this version, many said the text was still too much and too small. My buddy Tonedeff (creative director by day, insanely multi-talented creator by night) actually sent back a chopped up edit of his own recommendations, which solved basically all of my design problems (too much text, lack of focus on the "brand", following a grid OBSESSIVELY)


After running with that advice I had the basic image composition I was gonna use, and the only thing left was to make sure the colors worked how I wanted. Played with a few scenarios:


and settled on the final image in the header  :)

If you enjoyed this sample post and the insight into how my art is developed, please consider becoming a monthly contributor to my Patreon.

Patrons get insider posts like this all the time and special treats and extra goodies as well including:

  • exclusive artwork 
  • process videos 
  • full res images
  • .psd files
  • and even snail mail presents! 

And if you like my work but can't necessarily make a monthly financial commitment right now, you can always connect with me on Society6InstagramTumblrTwitterFacebookDribbble

...and of course on my own website,

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed the taste of what a patreon subscription has to offer ;) 


miss daisy dee 

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