today is for lots of tea and editing - daily schedule
Yesterday was our quidditch home tournament. Usually I just deal with filming all the games on all the pitches (there were 3) but instead I had to do that and field manage one of the pitches. This included making sure all the refs were there and making sure the head ref started on time and if needed calling for new balls or medics. It was so much work! I didn't think so at the time till I got home. I was so hungry and wanted to do so much stuff, but after I took a shower I passed out.

Today I'm editing lots of videos from yesterday and the vlog for you guys! Hopefully I don't want to kill everything because I'm going to be editing videos for the next two days...

Happy Sunday! My mom got me this mug for my bday. According to my Ninja coffee maker it is the size of a travel mug. SO MUCH TEA!!

Edit: I also won't be streaming today! I thought I would but I got a late start to the day and really need to get this editing done so that I can get game dev done later this week.

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