HELLO! We will have our next G+ hangout this coming Sunday! Stay tuned for time and the link. Also, we're uploading a BTS from the EP drum day right now so you'll get to see that soon :)
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Video
Pledge $0.01 or more per Video
Patrons Only
The Communicator
$1 or more per Video

Gain access to the Patreon-only feed & LENS! Exclusive updates from behind the scenes before anyone in the public gets to hear about them. You can write directly, send messages and comments on the Patreon feed as well! It's a way for us to talk to each other. It shall be our private social media platform. Make sure you download the app!

The Patron of the Song
$2 or more per Video
You will receive a download of the audio for FREE at least one day before anyone else hears it! This goes for covers, original songs, collabs and even inspirational vlogs. This is a great way to combat the current state of Spotify vs. ITunes by directly support the tedious work of producing, mixing and mastering a song + The previous reward.
The Private Streamer
$5 or more per Video
Be a part of an exclusive live-streamed hangout once a month! From here you will learn all of the inner secrets of the FS fam as we plot to take over the world together. We'll take about our lives, become best friends, and play a song here and there. + The previous rewards.
Creative Team Member + Twit/Insta Follow
$10 or more per Video
Be an official member of our creative team! The band will follow you on twitter & instagram. Secret updates where we’ll ask for your opinion. You will pick the next single and be a part of the writing process and be directly involved in the planning for all original music videos. Your opinion is so incredibly valuable and I am so appreciative for it! + The previous rewards.
ALL OF THE MUSIC + Thank you Video!!!
$15 or more per Video
ALL OF THE MUSIC + Thank you Video!!! The ultimate FS Journey experience! will get FREE DOWNLOAD OF ALL MUSIC FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS! 90+ Songs!!! & if you are a patron for one year at this level, you will get a personalized video message about anything you would like! (Birthday, holiday, shoutout, anything). + The previous rewards.

Partial List (More Hidden Goodies too ;)
  • Wellington (“One More Time”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Erin’s Song”)
  • King The Kid (Start Something LP, “Name in Lights”, “A Song For Brittany”, “Marionette (Remastered)” “Tale Of A Secret Admirer (Remastered)” Start Something Reinvented EP, “Last Train”, “Last Train (Acoustic)”, Breakaway EP, Breakaway B-Sides)
  • Future Sunsets (Free EP), “End Of The Universe (Acoustic)”
  • Entire Cover Catalog! (25+ songs) (“Pillowtalk” “Twenty One Pilots Medley”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, “She’s Kinda Hot”, Sweetness (Live), “I Write Sins Not Tragedies, “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark”, “Thrift Shop”, “Beat It” “22”, “I’d Do Anything At The Rock Show On Ocean Avenue (Cover Medley), “Somewhere In Neverland”, “Daylight” “Brave”, “Now” “Locked Out Of Heaven”, “Stomach Tied In Knots”, “Die Young/Ke$ha Medley”, “Live While We’re Young”, “That’s What You Get”, “Break Your Little Heart”, “Haven’t Had Enough”, “Bad”, “Give Me Love”, “Stay The Night”
Credited On Every Video!
$20 or more per Video
Your name will appear at the end of all Patreon videos as a thank you for your generous support! (Think of movie end credits). + The previous rewards.
Exclusive Postcard!!!
$25 or more per Video
Check it out! I am going to be sending out a unique Patreon-Exclusive signed postcard as often as possible! I am going to have so much fun with this reward! Imagine a sexy-fireman calendar except for without the sexy and calendar part. Some are going to be funny (actually probably most) and these will be a great collectors item.
Handwritten Letters
$30 or more per Video
Handwritten Letters - This tier is very limited and exclusive. If any spots open up, make sure to snatch them quickly! I will write you handwritten letters once a month (for months that have Patreon videos)! We'll be penpals and correspond with you through snail mail. + The previous rewards.
Super Supporter / Merch Grab Bag
$40 or more per Video
Super Supporter / Merch Grab Bag - This tier is just a great way to help if you want to give a little bit more towards the music and as a result, I will send you a cool grab bag of merch items you'd like for free! (Excluding towels in the future). Also, get Get a free SIGNED physical copy of the new EP! + The previous rewards.
$50 or more per Video

We'll have a private one-on-one Skype with you to talk about whatever you'd like! We can talk about behind the song & production or even a guitar/singing lesson or having a conversation about the FS journey and the journey to now! + The previous rewards.

Pledge $100 or more per Video
One Of My Older Songs Reinvented For You! - "Live. Love." "A Song For Brittany" "You Know, I Know" "Lost & Found" "All Or Nothing" "Tragedy" etc..... honestly there is a huge selection of songs that I love and would love nothing more than to re-arrange & re-record for you. So many of these songs have been tattooed on people and have made incredible impact. I will rerecord the audio and shoot a music video dedicated to you. If you prefer a slow, emotional version or a live version or a full band uptempo version, I will do what you'd like depending on how many creations you choose to support at this level. + the previous rewards.

*3 month minimum
BIG Backer
$125 or more per Video
You're an angel investor. I love you. You clearly really want to support me and my endeavors. You'll get all of the above, including random surprises and webcasting, PLUS I'll call you immediately upon pledging to personally thank you. But honestly, I can’t thank you enough. You will have VIP guest list to every show! Free merch! Receive any merch item for free! (INCLUDING TOWELS) + the previous rewards
Pledge $250 or more per Video
Your Very Own Song - But it is so much more than just a song. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity of doing this 3 times. Erin's Song, A Song For Brittany, The Space Between (for Chelsea). 

I will Skype with you and learn about your story! Who you are. And I will pour my heart into creating a song for you that you love and that you will inspire. This is such an emotionally rewarding prize. I can't wait to write your song <3 + the previous rewards .

*Quantity of months required TBD upon booking
Pledge $500 or more per Video
I'll fly to you and give a private performance in your house! - I will come to you and play a private performance in your house! We will work out the details, but depending on how long you pledge at this tier, this performance could be solo acoustic to with live string players or even full band + the previous rewards. 

*Quantity of months required TBD upon booking
Pledge $1,500 or more per Video
LA Vacation! - Come on out to Los Angeles & stay the weekend at my place in Hollywood and I will personally give you a tour of my favorite sights in LA. You'll spend some time in the Future Sunsets HQ and I'll show you the unreleased music! I'll make sure to bring a guitar with me and perform multiple times for you during our travels + the previous rewards.

*Quantity of months required TBD upon booking
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