Today was amazing
I don't think I will ever tire of saying that God is good. He is so so good. He has surrounded us, sunk us into an ocean of, people who love with such zeal. New Walk has been our home church for over 2 years. We have grown there, we have watched others grow there, we have come to their aid, and more often they have come to ours. I love and respect these people so much. And it overwhelms my heart to be surrounded by them today and for them to pray over our family and vehicles as we embark on this adventure. After we showed our home to our friends and family, we prayed together, and then separated and prayed over the vehicles and our family. I loved to see everybody's specific focus as they prayed. Cammy Hill touched each of our tires as she went around each vehicle, Dorene Anderson specifically prayed over the driver's chair of the rv, and Meighan Strausser prayed for every mechanical thing she could think of. Afterwards we all took selfies and hugged and said our see ya laters for now. It was wholesome, encouraging, and a huge blessing.