Today's Comic> Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth #15
Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth #15 IDW (August, 2014) STORY: Chris Mowry (writer) & Matt Frank (artist) INK ASSISTS: Mostafa Moussa COLORIST: Priscilla Tramontano SELECTED COVER ART: Paul Hanley LETTERER: Shawn Lee EDITOR: Bobby Curnow Godzilla takes on an entire army of MechaGodzillas while Woods and Allie see something else take him away. Meanwhile, the surviving alien gets Anguirus diverted to his place and takes out the escort. What they got right: I'm going to hold the spoiler for the next paragraph so ignore it if you want to be surprised. Otherwise, the fight between Godzilla and his robot doppelgangers was so good it's worth the price alone. And we've confirmed those are indeed the Evil Twins! Now for the spoiler..... They brought in Mecha King Ghidorah! That means they've used every version of Ghidorah except for Hydra up there. (Call me, IDW!) What they got wrong: How did the Evil Twins survive that fall from Batra? That's was a long way to drop, people! Ah well, as long as we finally get an explanation for them I'll overlook it. Recommendation: Really? You have to ask? I don't care if you're new here, GODZILLA VERSUS A SQUAD OF MECHAGODZILLAS! You should already know the answer!