Today's stream cancelled (sick day)
I know what you're thinking: "AGAIN????" Yeah, it sucks, lol. I'm bummed too. And it's not even bronchitis this time, but a different frickin thing!! >:'( I was up really late last night with food poisoning (mega headache for hours + vomiting) so I'm just kinda drained today, my head feels pretty brickish. Just gonna rest up and hopefully do a little more work on Silent Hill 3 recording if I can keep my head straight about it, lol.

Thursday I will be playing the winner of the poll, which last I checked was "dumb horror-themed escape room flash games" (good choice!) Sorry again for being chronically ill with random stuff this past month or so, it's getting awfully annoying at this point!! Thanks a million for your understanding, you guys are A++ people. <3 :')

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