Today's topic: Pre-Alpha 3, and an Announcement...
Hi, it's the sole developer here.

I haven't posted anything for weeks, so I think I owe you an apology. In return, get ready for Pre-Alpha 3 with Online feature and some bug fixes, improvements. 

I've been busy running some tests, and so far the Online feature should be working properly in the near future. Again, I'll have to make sure the stability of any public version Battle Splash, thus I have no choice but to ask for your patient. Also, the 2nd Medieval Map might be available in this Pre-Alpha 3, if I can somehow manage to finish it in time.

Now, it's time for the Announcement: I'll update the tiers of reward. Currently, there are 4 tiers with different level of access to the game: from DevLog, to developer chat (well, there is some problem with that, so I thought I gonna move to a new Discord Account) and credit in game. However, since those tiers were created when I first started this Patreon page (also my first Patreon ever), I believe that those tiers are no longer suitable for this project. Because of that, I gonna change the rewarding system, so that everyone will have access to any content in this page. For existing supporters, don't worry, you still have your previous reward, as well as some extra ones. I'll spend some time thinking about this, and I will explain the details in another post.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to share with me. I'm happy to listen to your feedback.