Today's track and field event
My son deserves a little credit for how he did today at his track and field event. Every year he gets to participate in the local branch of the Special Olympics events. This year he brought home Second in his heat for the 20 yard dash, Third for his heat of the standing jump, and Second in the softball toss for his division. The one for softball toss got lost before it got home to me, likely due to the confusion ensuing when I had to leave early. He did bring home his participation medal though.

For quite some time while waiting for his first heat the boy made it his mission both to shade me from the son and entertain me. He also was a sweetie and brought me a hot dog from the stand, when I'd gotten up to go get him a water. Ray's Food Place provided free waters and hot dogs for everyone. This I was especially glad of after reading about the little girl that had died after collapsing from dehydration during a similar event elsewhere. I've not had the chance yet to research more and verify if that story was even true, but with how warm today was and with my own experiences in Track I can easily see how easy that could happen.

It was a hot day, as I've mentioned, and I was really glad I was able to go watch two of his events. I even got a random hug from one of the little kids from Merlin's school that was also there. I also got to see something that I felt was very inspiring. There was a child that was going back and forth between a wheelchair and a walking apparatus, with braces on his legs. He was still competing in the running events and using his walker. I was curious about his story, but did not feel it appropriate to go up and ask. I admired his determination. Due to my back issues I have a fear of one day falling and becoming partially paralyzed, and remanded to a wheel chair. I've had to be careful for years and am not in one yet thanks to Dr. Klassy, who saved me from that fate. And there in front of me was a child doing incredible things. I was reminded of a very valuable lesson, and that child was unaware he reminded me.

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