There, I've finally got all the entries loaded up and ready to go. Going forward, for any new entry, a new entry gets unlocked for each tier. For example - today Bystanders can see the 51st Harvest but tomorrow they'll get access to the 52nd and so on. Innkeeps have up to the 67th but tomorrow they'll be able to see the 68th. 

Ultimately that means if you can't afford to support me or my work but enjoy it, you'll be able to get everything for free eventually. You just have to wait a little longer is all.

As of today, if you're a:

First-time Reader: Here's the very first entry 

Bystander (free tier): 51st of Harvest is your most recent entry 

Traveler ($1 tier): 52nd Winter is your most recent entry 

Innkeep ($5 tier): 67th Winter is your most recent entry 

Bartender ($10 tier): 82nd Winter is your most recent entry 

and, of course, if you're a:

Guide ($25 tier): You've got access to the newest entry 

I hope you all look forward to tomorrows entry! And as always, I'd appreciate it if you could share this with your network and introduce Eva to people who you feel will enjoy my work.

Thanks so much for your continued support everyone!

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