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Good food.
$5 or more per month
I plan to offer a few recipes to patrons. I have thought of opening a restaurant; I  worked in one in high school and enjoyed it; I enjoy cooking; and I get good reviews  from friends.

Pork spare ribs.

I can 6 oz organic tomato paste.

I use the empty can to measure wine and syrup.  

2 cans red wine (12 oz) I use a good box wine - such as Badger mountain organic red, or Bota Malbec or Cab. If you don't like box wines, or don't drink much, I like Leese - Fitch Merlot for about $10. If you don't drink at all you can get a 4 pack of small wine bottles of red wine for about $10. They will stay good on your shelf for years. In truth the wine doesn't matter that much in this recipe because the spices are such very strong flavors. But really cheap wine might not be good. 

1/2 can maple syrup (3 0z. more or less to taste; 1/2 can is pretty sweet). 

1 tsp garlic granules

1 tsp onion flakes

1 tsp ground dried red pepper

3 tsp homemade Cajun spice mix: 

(Garlic, Sea Salt, Paprika, Fennel, Oregano, Thyme, Onion, Cayenne, course ground Black Pepper, Mustard, Sage, Cumin; in equal  amounts. I use 1 tablespoon each when I mix it).

1 tsp Mustard powder. 

1 tsp dried ground Ginger

1/2 tsp Cumin

1 tsp Cayenne 

You can vary this to taste; use less cayenne and red pepper if you don't like it hot. But really try it once the way it is written before you second guess whether or not it's too hot. You might like it the way it is. 

My personal experience and taste is that Cumin easily gets out of hand; just a tiny bit makes a lot of difference. I don't like too much. Remember once you add it you can't undo it; same with the maple syrup and it tasting too sweet. It's really the cayenne and to some extent mustard that makes it good. 

When I was in college taking art history classes, the universal verdict of art history was that "complexity within unity" was a hallmark of great art. This sauce is a complex mix of very strong flavors and is very engaging and interesting. I forget how good it tastes. Thanks. 

1 pound pork spare ribs; you can of course use more. 

Course ground black pepper is more flavorful and subtle that regular black pepper; less sharp and hot. This is especially true in soups, such as chicken soup, where it forms a tasty sediment on the bottom of the bowl.

I use a bread pan since 1 pound of ribs isn't really a lot. It allows the meat to marinate really well. 

Baby back ribs are more expensive; almost twice the price. they have more meat on them; but it is white meat and is not as flavorful. 

Wash your spare ribs and put in the bread pan or roast pan in some sauce, and pour the rest on them. Bake at 200 degrees for six hours. Your oven might vary; maybe try 225. Be careful to not burn it. Add water if necessary. Check and baste every hour. I do not own a microwave oven. I stir fry on low heat with olive oil. I don't go for instant gratification. A girl named Mary personally gave me this recipe when I was in heaven. The food there is not bad. You know, if I actually knew her in person, when I was in my 20s, I might have been kind of infatuated; or, I might have been kind of bored. God help me.

This makes an extravagant amount of sauce for the meat; but you can save the leftovers. An empty scotch whiskey bottle makes a good container. Refrigerate the sauce, but you have to have a plastic kitchen funnel. The one I have is blue plastic and was personally used by Ruth to piss into a bottle, once when we were camping in my VW van. It was brand new, and had never been used for anything, and for some reason, I don't remember why, we were camping somewhere where she didn't want to go outside the van to pee. We might have been in South Downtown Vancouver. 

  • Definition of pee in English:


  • 1 Urinate.
    ‘the puppy was peeing on the carpet’
  1. 1.1 pee oneself/one's pants Urinate involuntarily (often used to suggest loss of self-control through fear or hilarity) ‘Mom just about peed herself laughing’
  • noun
  • 1 Urine.
  1. 1.1 noun An act of urinating. ‘she was bursting for a pee’
  • Phrases

  • peed off
    • informal Annoyed; irritated.

  • Origin

Late 18th century: euphemistic use of the initial letter of piss.

  • Pronunciation
  • pee


I buy spices at the QFC on Pike and Broadway. It's the same brand as at Whole Foods, Frontier Co-0p. You have to spoon it into bags and label it, and weigh it at checkout; but it costs $.60 for the same thing that costs $4 - $5 dollars in a cool spice jar. 

You can serve this with red wine. Unlike a lot of spicy foods, this goes good with red wine because it contains red wine. 


  • Definition of banal in English:

  • adjective

  • So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.
    ‘songs with banal, repeated words’

  • Origin

Mid  18th century (originally relating to feudal service in the sense  ‘compulsory’, hence ‘common to all’): from French, from ban ‘a  proclamation or call to arms’; ultimately of Germanic origin and related  to ban.

  • Pronunciation
  • banal


$20 or more per month
plus I could offer free nude pictures of Norelli when she was 25. My photography is pretty good; check out the other photos on this site.


just kidding

How then canI be saved?
$3,000 or more per month
I want to offer a fine wine for the elite.  

Sorry all spots are sold out. 


I do have a few spots for 78% of your gross income. By the way there is in heaven every good thing that God created here: fine wine, good food, love. etc. But it is going to cost you. 

"honestly I say unto you they have their reward" - Jesus

If I was the gatekeeper and it was up to me, I would say it is more like 98%. Or 100%. I really hope for your sake it's not up to the virgin Mary. Read the magnificat sometime. Luke 1:46. Sucks for you, bro. 

I feel, from experience, and from meeting her, that what she was saying in the magnificat is: 

"If you're rich when you die, you're gonna burn." 

That was Jesus mother: 

Luke 1:46.

Here is what Jesus father had to say: 

Isaiah 58:6-12.

So I wonder what Jesus would say? 

Luke 6:20-29.

 Mark 6:3King James Version (KJV)

Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and  Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him.

My writing influences are:

The complete walker by Colon Fletcher. 

Papillon by Henry Charriere.

Alison's girl by Theodore Acland Harper. 1936.

I don't mean to insult anybody; I am just asking a reasonable question. Actually Mary appears in poor countries, likes the poor, and it is in poor countries that she is revered. I personally don't pray to Mary or saints. 

Oxford English dictionary:

Home British & World English 



[no object]

  • Speak irreverently about God or sacred things.
    ‘he has blasphemed against the Holy Spirit’

  • Origin

Middle  English: via Old French from ecclesiastical Latin blasphemare  reproach, revile, blaspheme’, from Greek blasphēmein, from blasphēmos  ‘evil-speaking’. Compare with blame.

  • Pronunciation

  • blaspheme


Actually I prayed about it, and God said that I am not blaspheming the Holy Spirit:

that was what people did in Jesus time when they said that he was from the devil, and was evil; and his miracles were done by the power of the devil not by God; because he could not be the messiah, because he didn't keep the law. 

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