Toddler Conversation Expander

Compatible with version: 1.72 (March Patch)

Update - JULY 9, 2020 - Fixed missing string in Talk About Art

Hi Patrons!!

The time has come! Toddler Conversation Expander is ready for download!

Ever wondered what your toddlers favorite color is? Well, now you can find out!  There are a ton of responses added to the toddler interactions and even some new ones! I also added some new moodlets to give even more personality to your little ones!

I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you have just as much fun with it in your game! 

Please feel free to leave your feedback and any other ideas that could be cool to add!

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the .package file HERE (SFS)

2. Install the XML Injector located HERE  (the download button will give you a zip file, unzip it, and only put the .ts4script in your mods folder, you do NOT need the .package file). 

Note: This is required for the new interactions to show up.

3. Place the .package file and the XML Injector .ts4script file here: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

See the attached Installation.jpg for image of successful installation including all files. 

That's IT!

Happy Simming and Thank you all so much for your support!! I truly appreciate it 🥰


French - Added July 9, 2020 - Thanks to Kimikosoma 

Czech - Added July 13, 2020 - Thanks to Xeria 

Spanish - Added July 22, 2020 - Thanks to GeoSims 

Italian - Added August 3, 2020 -  Thanks to Isy

Chinese - Added August 18, 2020 - Thanks to ttchubb

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