Toddler Play Telephone

German translations by andi_paradise

Dutch translations by Jill Toetje

Danish Translations by Julesthedane

Brazilian Portuguese by  Nathansimss 

Chinese translations by MeowCats 

French translations by Kimikosoma 

Spanish translations by CindySimspr 

Swedish Translations by namelessperson98


Fixed an issue that caused the package file to not open when using S4S Star or TSRW


Fixed a bug so that you can no longer hear the toddler when you are on the other side of the house.

Re-did some of the audio so the chatter sounds less repetitive.

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing well! Im so excited to share this new creation with you! 

I made a poll awhile back, and according to the voting result, play telephone was the most requested objects. I will be making all the objects, the poll was to help me to know which one to do first! 

This is the concept art I created for all the objects, Im hoping each object will take no longer than 2 weeks to create, but then again it all depends on the complexity of the object as well as how much time the animation takes.  

so lets get into it! 

the play telephone has 8 swatches,

Toddler sim can do a number of interactions.

"play telephone" allows them the play, you will see them pushing the buttons, smacking the handset, and occasionally speaking into the handset.  This interaction increases their imagination skill.

They will get a moodlet at the end

the other 3 calling options allows them to make pretend calls, they will speak into the telephone and get a moodlet at the end. This interaction increases both imagination and communication skill

Finally, adult and child sims can teach toddlers to speak with the play telephone 

This will help their communication skill increase faster than making pretend calls by themselves. And everyone gets a moodlet at the end

Once again thank you guys for your support! Im now working on the Play tunnel and I will share some WIP very soon!

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