Toddlers - Less call out the high chair

This mod has been in my folder for more than a month. I tried a ton of mods to stop toddlers from calling out the high chair but no one stopped what I wanted to stop: toddlers calling out the high chair as soon as you put them in and go to grab a plate of food for them. They call out for two reasons: they already had an interaction in queue and you stopped them from doing it, or they are about to run a self interaction like an idle animation or the self dance. Once they get on the high chair, their focus is blocked on hunger, energy and bladder for 90 minutes before the timeout brings them to cry. Now the problem with modding this out is.... the kid calling out the high chair is not running an interaction at all, so the autonomy cannot be restricted or blocked, also, the interaction on the adult part can only be cancelled but not blocked, because blocking it causes the kid to reset out of the chair. It's something hard coded in the game.

This is a very simple modification to the buff they get when they get on the high chair that aims to do two things:

- cancel out every interaction the kid was running when they get the high chair buff,

- suppress the self interactions autonomy

This will not stop the kid from asking something that would bring out of the chair like showing the flash cards or adults calling the kid out to show the flash cards, but in such cases there is usually enough time to cancel the put down interaction they compel adults to do. I also cannot assure you that this will stop the problem but should at least reduce it a bit.


Made it more aggressive, for 30 minutes after you put the toddler in, no one will even be able to talk to the kid let alone taking him out, not even the controlled sim. The kid in the first 30 minutes in the highchair can only eat.