Toen's Medieval Strategy Sprite Pack v.1.0 (16x16)

This is the first version of the graphic pack set in a medieval style for a turn-based

strategy game or an RPG, inspired by the gameplay of the title "Advance

Wars" for Gameboy Advance.

It includes up to 308 graphics sorted into a tileset (each grid

measuring 16x16 pixels) and includes a reference image for easier use.

( I hope to continue expanding this, adding more buildings, custom units, ships, terrain, civilisations and so on. I'll be very happy if you send me a link to the project on which you are using this sprites. I'm really looking forward to see what you create using them :D )


  • Terrain sprites
  • Buildings: Towers, towns, castles, houses, abandoned ruins and more
  • Roads, rivers and bridges
  • Sea sprites
  • Villages, soldiers and siege weapons
  • Animated effects
  • Useful GUI info sprites
  • Many more!

You can also download this pack from: --->
OpenGameArt --->

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