It really hurt when he told me that things weren’t going to work out between us. He told me that the only reason that he dated me for so long was because I wasn’t afraid to lick his ass, and that I was so good at it. He said the only reason we were together for so long is because I'm not afraid to do things most girls won't do. It totally makes sense now that I think about it, because it seemed like he was always asking me to lick his asshole for him. I was always under his balls rimming him. I thought it was kind of weird but I just wanted to make him happy. All I ever cared about was making him happy, nothing else. I thought I was in love with him and I would have done anything for him to help him and to make him happy. Then he just dumped me out of the blue one day. I thought I would never hear from him again. but a few days later he was texting me to come over.

      “I thought we were broken up,” I typed back.

      “Yeah, but I miss having your tongue on my ass,” he wrote back.

      I know I should’ve told him to fuck off. I know it was wrong of me to give in even though we were broken up, but I couldn’t help it. The urge to get him off wasn’t an urge I could resist. Getting him off always got me off. I still had feelings for him and honestly I really liked the way it made me feel to be used as if I were nothing more than a tongue that goes up an ass crack, knowing it made him feel good. I love making him cum, and honestly I miss it so much. If I licked his ass good enough he would probably fuck me too and like always, I was horny. I wanted him to pound me stupid like he used to. I think I needed this more than he did.

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