Tokens! What they do and how to get them.
What ARE these things?

Plot-Twist and Hop-Minds tokens are one-time use virtual coins.

Their technical existence is on documents that Itoe uses to keep track of what online accounts have tokens and how many they have of each kind.

This means that tokens are connected to one account. To use that token, you must contact Itoe through the account that owns it.

What do they DO?

Both coins can be "spent" to influence the future pages of the Birby Feathers comic in subtle but meaningful ways.

To read the official rules on what each token does specifically, check out their official posts.

When can  I use them?

From the moment a page is uploaded, you will have one week to spend your coin to influence the next page, which will also influence future pages.

How do I get them?

Both tokens can be earned the same way. It's usually up to you which one you want when the time comes to receive one.

The easiest way to earn tokens is to become a Patreon supporter of the comic.

"Birb Watchers" get one of these tokens every 6th months!

You can also earn tokens by participating in contests and other events hosted by Itoe.

Itoe will regularly host contests and group-events to celebrate milestones for the comic and community. This is the perfect time to earn tokens if you can't be a supporting Patron! Depending on the event, you may win multiple coins, or everyone involved might get one!

Another way you can get tokens is by teaming up with your friends!

If you invite a friend to become a "Birb Watcher" and they go for it, you BOTH get extra tokens after the first completed support-cycle! So if you and your friend are going to become Patrons anyway, do it together for extra fun! You must BOTH inform Itoe that you have joined this way in order to get the tokens. You can invite more than one person and get even more bonus tokens!

The final way you can receive tokens is by getting them from someone else who already has some.

So long as you get permission from Itoe FIRST, you are allowed to exchange tokens from one person to another. You can give tokens away as a gift, trade them with someone who has the other kind, use them as rewards for your own events, or even use them as a kind of currency for commissions, if both sides agree. You may also use this method to move tokens between your own accounts. Both sides of the exchange must contact Itoe in order for any exchange to be valid. This not only ensures that Itoe's documents can be updated properly, but also assures both sides of the exchange that the tokens being exchanged are indeed valid.

What accounts can I use to store tokens on?

Because tokens are account-tied, only one account may "own" a particular token at any one time. Even if you own multiple accounts, you must use the account that "owns" the token for use and exchange of the token. There is no exception to this rule (Not even if Itoe knows it's you on both accounts) so please use the account that you find easiest to contact Itoe through.

Acceptable accounts include:

*A Patreon account (You must send a "Patron Only" message through Itoe's community tab on Patreon for the use/exchange of any coins)

*A DeviantArt account (You must send a note to Itoe for the use/exchange of any coins)

*A Twitter account (You must send a private chat message through twitter for the use/exchange of any coins)

*Any other account you already actively contact Itoe through. Do not send Itoe friend requests on other sites. This option is only for already-active methods of communication. (You must use this method to privately speak with me for the use/exchange of any coins)

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