【Tokyo Days】Shin's sprite early drafts

Hi there~! I've started working on Shin's sprite!

I also started to feel the pressure of deciding the poses and expressions that will be used in the entire game again... ∑(  ゚ェ゚*)  

Anyway, I'm ready to share with you my early drafts and thoughts.

Standard, funny, extreme

Since Shin is a main character as Kairi (not playable though), he has a good amount of pose variations.

Hopefully, with these three groups of poses only - "standard", "funny" and "extreme"- his character and personality will be communicated strongly to the player!

Also, this time, I plan to "correct my past mistakes",  (^∀^*)ゞ and give every pose a "blank expression" for a more agile usage. (I didn't do it last time and I found myself with character poses that could only show one emotion... not very practical).

Funny & Extreme

Shin frequently makes jokes, so the pose no.2 and all its variations from .a through .e are meant to be used for those moments. Since rotating a sprite's head takes quite the time, .e might be created and implemented later in the development.

The "extreme" pose (3) is a body position that can be used for two situations: 1) when he's amused 2) when he's suffering. As this is just an early draft, I might revise this idea later, anyway at the moment I think it could work good.

All the expressions you see here and there are just sketches and have yet to be thought through carefully.


Lastly, the standard pose (1) is the main one for Shin. As the story unfolds, it will be revealed that he performs in a band playing the guitar, so variation .b works well with this concept.

Next step is to sort his expressions and finally start outlining his poses.

Thank you for reading!  ( ・ω・*)ノ 

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