Tokyo Itinerary 2018 - Help me plan!
A lot of you are aware that I'm planning a trip to Japan in 2018.

I know I'm going around end of July or Mid August. I haven't actually set the date yet. I know the basics of where I'm going, but not what I'm doing.

I'm flying in, and spending a day in Tokyo to adjust for Jet-Lag, then 4-5 days in Tokyo, 3-4 days n Osaka and 1-2 days in Hiroshima. I'll be planning to go back to Tokyo after Hiroshima and chill before I fly home.

Things I plan on doing/seeing so far: Takeshita Street, Akihabara, Tokyo Sky Tree, Aiokigahara Forest. Other than these few things, I have no clue what I'm going to be doing, and I'd like help planning. My non-patreon viewers will be getting the general over all view of my trip, but everyone who is contributing $5/month or more by the time I go will be getting specialized footage of each place I go. You will get to see all the video I take from each location.

Let me know what you think I should do.

For everyone who contributes $5/month or more and contributes an idea, I'm toying with the idea of entering into a draw for an authentic Japanese souvenir mailed straight to your door. Anything you choose (up to a certain amount, of course) that's legal to ship.