Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot Are Broken! [MST3K: The Return, Netflix] | Secret Screening
This week I decided to wade into unpopular opinion territory, and tackle one of my least favorite aspects of the rebooted Mystery Science Theater 3000 - the bots, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. 

Personally I was surprised to receive so much feedback from younger viewers who had never seen the show and had no point of reference to the new series (compounded by the fact that many didn't have Netflix, and were double confused by my topic). 

I've fast tracked a follow up video that better explains what MST3K is and why it has remained so popular beyond it's cancellation 17 years ago - though I may finish my video on Trollhunters first, since they just received 6 Emmys today, and I should strike while the internet is hot.

Have you never seen MST3K before? Do you not have Netflix? Sound off in the comments below!