Tomahawks Away!
Hi there, Patreon Pals & Cartoon Friends.

I've been a little quiet so far this week because I've been banging another song into my head and working on this animation.  I'm really happy with how Stephanie sang this, she really gets into the old-timey chorus feel!  (And if I'm not too embarrassed, I'll share my scratch version of me singing-- I used it as a guide to show Stephanie the pacing/rhythm, etc, of the song.)

 I’m a little surprised it took President Trump this long to figure out where the Tomahawk launch button was in the Oval Office.  These neat little cruise missiles have been the go-to “safe” weapon of choice for U.S. foreign policy for decades now.  (And they look so beautiful when they launch from ships!)

After the horrific chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, someone had to pay.  Except we can’t take out Assad because that would leave an even more chaotic vacuum, right?  And we have to be careful about what airfield we attack since Russians are everywhere in Syria.  And we don’t want to crater airfields because they’re so easy to fix, apparently.  So, let’s lob 59 Tomahawk missiles and feel good about ourselves because, well, we DID something!  

Unfortunately Syrian planes were flying again within hours from the very same airfield, bombing the very same town where they carried out the chemical attack.  It’s so frustrating to be a not-very-super superpower.  It seems that Tomahawk missiles are what you fire when you just have to do something but nothing you do works.  At least Trump can be declared “presidential” for the third time in his young presidency!  (First, when he was inaugurated, second, when he spoke from a teleprompter successfully and now this.  Good boy, Donald!)

I'll be back soon with an embarrassing singing track and some more videos.  Thanks SO much for your continued support and a big welcome to you new patrons!