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The Tomb of Rëschër-dü
And thus we are to our first, post Maps for Heroes, I thank you all for your continued support. This map was drawn a week ago in one sitting, and finally yesterday I had a chance to ink it quickly over another single sitting. It is somewhat based on ancient Egyptian pharaoh tombs that were designed to confuse tomb raiders with false tombs and fake treasure rooms. The Tomb of Rëschër-dü Rëschër-dü was a madman, albeit a powerful madman. After pillaging his country he turned to his neighbors, killing and torturing his way into the history books. After decades of such action he understandably had a swollen treasury and decided he would take it with him. He designed an elaborate and secretive tomb with false tombs, secret passages and trick doors. Once completed, he held a massive celebration to mark the completion. All who worked on the tomb were invited and led to a secret chamber where Rëschër-dü slaughtered them himself. He then sealed the room. Later when he passed, his will decreed that only his two sons could accompany his body into the tomb to ensure the treasures went with him to the afterlife. [Little known fact: his two sons later plundered his tomb to support their own lifestyles.] Variant maps are attached.
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